What it’s ACTUALLY like being a wedding calligrapher – with Karla Lim

Are you interested in becoming a wedding calligrapher? In this interview, Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy is giving us the behind-the-scenes details of what it’s REALLY like.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What to expect as a wedding calligrapher
  • Additional skills you’ll need

Key takeaways from this lesson:

  1. As a calligraphy stationer, you’ll do WAY more than just calligraphy!
  2. Adobe experience is a huge benefit
  3. Know what is and isn’t possible in the printing process
  4. A lot of the job is marketing yourself and knowing how to take photos of your work
  5. Figure out your strengths and focus on those instead of trying to do everything

Resources we mentioned:

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  1. Truly enjoyed this video. It was very down to earth. It shows that the sky is open to all kinds of possibilities. Love you videos and how helpful you are.

    Thank you,
    Robin Osburn

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