Uppercase Alphabet

Modern Calligraphy: The Entire Uppercase Alphabet

Ever wonder how to write the entire uppercase alphabet?

In the video for this post, I write the whole uppercase alphabet in real-time using a basic modern calligraphy style. This is the style I always recommend for beginners.

I definitely recommend watching the video (it’s only five minutes!) to get the most out of it. 🙂


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And That’s A Wrap!

If you’re interested in more, I have a FULL course all about uppercase letters! It includes step-by-step video lessons and a full traceable workbook. You can find out more about it here. 🙂

It even comes with a bonus 80-page workbook of 15 additional styles of each letter!

And finally, your dad joke…

Someone wrote in and asked if they would get in trouble for not finishing majuscules…
I told them I don’t believe in capital punishment.


  1. Becca, Your work is so beautiful and serine. It’s very helpful for me to watch how you form each letter. I have to focus on my slant, so I will definitely watch this again and again…Thank you❣️

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