Tombow 101: How To Store Your Brush Pens, How To Use Them, & More!

Check out this mini masterclass with Grace Myhre of the Tombow Design Team, as she walks us through all things Tombow.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to store your Tombow pens
  • How to avoid fraying
  • What the difference is between small and big pens
  • What pens to start with
  • How to use Tombow markers and pens
  • How to use Tombow ABTPro pens

Key takeaways from this lesson:

  1. Storing your Tombow pens correctly will really help extend the life of them.
  2. Dual brush pens can be stored horizontally or vertically.
  3. Alcohol-based markers need to be stored horizontally.
  4. Smooth paper preserves your pen’s tip from fraying.
  5. Hard-tipped pens are better for beginners.
  6. When pairing pens for layering, you don’t want to use two water-based pens together because the inks will smear.

Tools used in this video:

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  1. Very helpful. But I have found some Towbow pens don’t flow very well when new! Hoping for a way to solve this problem.

  2. How funny! I am currently taking your “Show Me Your Drills” course and had just googled how I needed to store my pens. I should have known you would have a blog on it as well! Thanks much!

  3. I wish I could just take a day or two and watch each and every bloomin’ video on this site. I don’t have to eat, or clean up, just watch all day. Very useful to me and my relaunching the calligraphy skills I used to have. Oh yeah, very useful. Thank you!

  4. Actually, YOU are correct with your pronunciation of fudenosuk-AY, not EE! At least that’s the correct Japanese pronunciation.

  5. I was super happy learning my basics and practicing with a dual Tombow ABT. However, the tip is already fraying and close to unusable… I thought they were made to handle the pressure! And I don’t even think I pressed hard enough to hear the noise from your videos! 🥺

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