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Grab your bestie and get your butt in one of my workshop seats! I host in-person events in Ottawa throughout the year.

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  • KIM PEETERS Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Kim Peeters l really enjoyed the workshop I attended! It was such a fun atmosphere, and Becca taught us so much. I use the techniques quite often. I must admit, I didn’t know what brush calligraphy was before I took the workshop. So glad I found out!
  • BATOUL HUSSAIN Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Batoul Hussain

    I participated in one of Becca’s calligraphy workshops and had the best time learning the basics. Not only is Becca a talented calligrapher and educator, she knows how to set up a truly dynamic, relaxed and fun learning environment in her workshops.

    She’s an excellent communicator and it doesn’t hurt that she has the best sense of humour. Makes the workshop that much more inviting and relaxing. If you ever wanted to learn the art of calligraphy, look no further.

  • RONNA MOGELON Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Ronna Mogelon

    As a former graphic designer with training in traditional calligraphy, Becca’s class opened my eyes to the ins and outs of modern calligraphy. It’s a whole different ball game! I was, at first, intimidated to enter this new world of calligraphy but with Becca’s prompting and encouragement (a glass of wine helped too), I managed to put my first frightened lines to paper.

    Toward the end of the class, I felt emboldened and with practice, I think I might actually get a handle on this brave new world of calligraphy. Thanks Becca!

  • COURTNEY LEEDER Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Courtney Leeder

    I have taken two of Becca’s classes to learn modern calligraphy and enjoyed both immensely. Becca teaches with such ease and really makes the process an enjoyable one.

    I recommend her to all of my clients for her professional skills but also to anyone that is interested in gaining new calligraphy skills. She is honestly the best, I can’t wait to take more classes soon!!

  • KRISHNA MERCER Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Krishna Mercer

    Becca’s workshops are an excellent introduction to the world of modern calligraphy! Not only does she provide all the tools you need to get started, but she has snacks. And wine!

    I learned so much in her workshop and left feeling optimistic that, with practice, I could one day master the art of modern calligraphy. I highly recommend one of her calligraphy workshops to anyone with an interest in learning this very handy (ahem) skill!

  • ANG WATERTON Calligraphy Workshop Testimonial for The Happy Ever Crafter
    Ang Waterton

    I took Becca’s lettering workshop in October 2016. The workshop itself was lighthearted, just the right combination of informative and informal, and set me up to start a minor obsession. Learning lettering has allowed me to add a little extra oomph to client cards, Christmas notes, place settings, and even just labels in my home. The workshop was worth every penny!