Soooo…. Stefan Kunz is a lettering and composition master (more on that below). And in this interview, the knowledge bombs he drops are countless. He not only talks to us about his creative process, what his motto “create something today, even if it sucks” means to him, and his rule for adding “one more thing”… but he actually shows us how he goes about creating his amazing compositions.

There is simply too much to say in a blog post recap for this interview-  I’ve *tried* below, but seriously, take a watch. You won’t regret it.


So who is Stefan Kunz?

Stefan is a big deal in the lettering world…like a really big deal. Chances are you’ve seen his awesome time-lapse videos of his lettering on anything from chalk walls (right in his home!), to suitcases, to clothing and anything…more like everything in between. And if by some miracle you don’t know who he is, here’s a little background!

Stefan is a self-taught lettering artist from Zurich currently living in Australia. He previously worked as a Swiss banker and has always had an interest in the arts. He was always the creative type, and found himself constantly lettering and drawing in his spare time. Like many, the fact that he is an artist full time is a total surprise to him as it was not in his original plans!

The way he really got into lettering is a pretty cool story. Stefan was actually focusing on photography and used an app to juxtapose different types onto the photos he’d taken (most often a landscape photo from his travels with the destination name in a cool font) When the app started to feel too constricting for his growing creativity, Stefan started to draw the lettering himself, whiiiiich at the time, he didn’t actually know was a thing! That’s how came to be. (You HAVE to check it out. It’s insane!)

So not only is Stefan really (REALLY) talented, he is also very (VERY) wise. His interview is so full of knowledge and tips and insight…but if you are short on time and can’t watch the whole thing, take away his daily motto…

Create something today, even if it sucks.

-Stefan Kunz

Now, as I mentioned Stefan is a composition and lettering MASTER. I’m not just saying that. The dude has skills. And lucky for us he went step by step into his creative process to show us how he does what he does soooo well.

Stefan’s 4-Step Creative Process:

1. Get inspired. Do your research and save your inspiration (Pinterest is a great place for this. You can even follow him there—just search his name)

2. Copy and learn – BUT DON’T POST! Keep it for yourself. *This is just for learning sake*

3. Create! Create something new with what you’ve learned from copying.

4. Add one more step. This step blew my mind! Stefan notes that the way to improve on what you’ve made, is to add one more step. Push yourself!



Lettering Composition & Layout Tips

In the interview, Stefan walks us through exactly how he starts and works through creating an elaborate lettering composition. Again, this is much better seen than heard, so I strongly suggest watching the video!

That said, though, part of what Stefan shows us is how he uses a series of “grids” he’s developed to create his compositions, without reinventing the wheel each and every time.

If you wanna check out Stefan’s grids, you can find them here.


They are super helpful, easy to use and work with almost every quote you’re looking to letter. They are a great tool if you want to take
the guesswork out of figuring out what layout works, leaving you with the extra time and effort to focus on bringing more creativity to your own lettering. The grids also have tips for areas that could use extra elements such as flourishes or banners.


Now, I said that Stefan was insightful and there is just NO WAY I could fit everything he shared with us in this post. If you really want to get your moneys worth watch the interview! Trust me, IT. IS. GOOD.


Let’s finish things off, though, with a recap of some key takeaways…

– Create something today, even if it sucks
! Try committing to a 30-day challenge, or to creating something on a consistent schedule for a definite amount of time. Give yourself some parameters and deadlines to stick with it easily.

– Look for inspiration everywhere! Could you letter on that toilet seat? What about that laptop case?

– Add one more thing! When you think your composition is done, add one more element to it. Push yourself- don’t be afraid to “ruin it”. This is how you get better!


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