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calligraphy sign tutorial

I’m working on a new course all about how to create calligraphy/lettering signs.

Wood, acrylic, mirror, glass, chalkboards… you name it.

I’m spilling all of my secrets to creating calligraphy signs for clients!

Here's some of what's included!

  • Why you can totally say yes when someone asks you to do signs for them, even if you don’t feel “qualified”

  • How to get past the fear of messing up a paid “client job”

  • Full supplies guides– including my secret uncommon ones!

  • Step-by-step guides to creating wood, glass, acrylic, mirror, chalkboard signs & more

  • How to design & measure your compositions… including ideas and templates!

  • How to fix your mistakes (it’ll happen!) without having to start from the beginning

  • How to price your work

  • Exact email templates & help for communicating with clients

  • & a ton more!


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