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In case you’ve been living under a freekin’ rock, January 1st marks the beginning of the #ShowMeYourDrills challenge! It’s the perfect challenge for anyone who has been interested in learning modern calligraphy or brush calligraphy, or for people who have been doing it for years and need to step back and remind themselves to practice!

We’ll be going over daily worksheets of the basic strokes. (If you have no idea what ‘basic strokes’ are, check out this article before you read any further!) Over the course of four weeks, we’ll practice the strokes over and over- in a series of practice “drills”!

The challenge is totally FREE. It gives you access to printable PDF worksheets for each day, as well as a guide to my favourite (and recommended) supplies, and a series of videos to walk you through everything from setting up your supplies to actually using them. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook community of like-minded people who are signed up for the challenge!

 Photo by Ali Batoul Creatives

Ready to join?

Now- once you’ve signed up, you may have questions. Make sure you’ve joined the Facebook group, if you’re on Facebook. On the group, you’ll find answers to lots of questions and you’ll have the ability to ask others for help! But if you’re not on Facebook, that’s fine! Here’s a list of FAQ’s I’ve compiled (since I thought I’d be able to get to everyone’s questions, but then over 11,000 of you signed up!)

  1. I haven’t received any documents/emails. Can you please resend them? 
    Here are the steps you need to make sure you’ve taken, and some reasons why you may not have received the emails.
    a) You need to have signed up. If you’re only on the Facebook group, and haven’t actually signed up for the challenge, you need to do that.
    b) You need to have gotten a “confirm you’re a human” email. If you didn’t receive that,
    i) check your junk
    ii) check every other folder (promotions, trash, filters, etc!)
    iii) re-sign up. If you had a typo in your email address, you wouldn’t get anything.
    c) if you’ve done all of the above and haven’t received anything, triple check that nothing is in your spam, junk, promo, filters- and then send me an email to have them resent, and so I can make sure you’re on the list.**NOTE: If you’re using a strange email provider (ie. not gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc), mailchimp may not recognize it for some reason. If you don’t have a common email address, consider making one for the challenge. It will ensure you receive all the emails!**
  2. Do I have to buy all the supplies on the list?
    Nope. Just one from each section! (ie. 1 writing utensil, and 1 paper). I suggest one of these combos:
    a) brush pen & tracing paper
    b) pointed pen & vellum paper
  3. Where can I find supplies in my city?
    I have no idea. LOL. Sorry! I can only recommend online sources!
    *unless you’re located in Ottawa, Canada. In that case, Wallacks, DeSerres and Michaels all have options!*
  4. Can I use Crayola Supertips? I know they’re not brush pens, but they’re cheap. Yes, sure! Like you said- they’re not brush tips, so they’re not flexible. They’ll require a different technique (which I cover briefly on the Day 1 videos!) but it’s possible. It’s just not “brush” calligraphy!
  5. What happens if I don’t have a printer? 
    There are tons of places you can get things printed for a small fee. If you wait until the end of the first week (Sunday, January 8th, 2017), you’ll have received all the worksheets and you could get them all printed at once. The other option is to just look at the drills on your computer (or phone) screen, and copy them freehand. You don’t have to print and trace!!
  6. Do I have to print the worksheets every day, or will we get them all at once? 
    You’ll get the sheets once a day, for the first 7 days. So at the end of the first week (Sunday, January 8th, 2017), you’ll have received all the worksheets and you could get them all printed at once.
  7. How long per day should I be spending on this? I don’t have much time. 
    The more time you can devote to practicing your drills, the better. But broken down into this challenge, it should take you about 20-30 minutes to complete each day’s section and watch the videos.
  8. What if I want to do this, but I can’t do it in January?
    Don’t you worry your pretty little head. It’ll still be available after January. You can join any time, and still get everything for free. Stay tuned!


To recap, here’s what you need to do to get started:

 Photo by Ali Batoul Creatives

-sign up at
-get an email right away, and confirm you’re a human when it prompts you
-get a confirmation email with links to your supplies list and your first day of worksheets!
-join the Facebook community (optional) using the private link in your confirmation email
-make sure you’re following @thehappyevercrafter on Instagram, and The Happy Ever Crafter on Facebook!
-gather your appropriate supplies
-start receiving emails with worksheets and videos as of January 1st!
-practice every day!

See you in the challenge!