Floral Bouquet & Floral Monogram Workbook BUNDLE


This purchase is a bundle of two Watercolour Floral workbooks. These workbooks are also available individually on the workbooks page!

Each of these workbooks has totally different content- new flower types in each one! You can see their descriptions and lists of flower types on their respective pages.

Buying this bundle is the *exact same* as buying both workbooks individually- they are simply included together for shopping convenience.

This bundle includes:
Floral Bouquet Workbook (& accompanying video)
Floral Monogram Workbook (& accompanying video)

Please click on the links for each workbook to read more about their specifics. The components of each workbook and the flower types in each book are totally unique!

These are both DIGITAL downloadable products & videos- no shipping required.


Questions about these workbooks? Find a ton of FAQ’s, photos and answers here.

Please note that these are both DIGITAL downloadable products- nothing will be shipped to you.


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