Brush Pen Favourites

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What type of pens are included?

Inside you’ll find six (6) Zebra small-tipped brush pens, hand-chosen by me! This is an exclusive pack of my “favourites”! These pens are water resistant with acid-free, archival quality permanent pigment ink for lasting impressions.

Your package includes:

  • 4x extra fine Funwari brush pens (orange, pink, blue, purple)
  • 1x extra fine black brush pen
  • 1x fine black brush pen
  • 1x exclusive “I’m a Happy Ever Crafter” sticker
  • A fun extra surprise from me (I can’t give away all my secrets!)

Which size pen are they?

These pens are perfect for your small pens calligraphy workbooks!

Can I buy these anywhere else?

Not this set, nope! The Happy Ever Crafter Brush Pen Favourites set is only available here until supplies last, and the first time I released them, they sold out in an hour!

To be clear, you can buy each of these pens separately from some other retailers (like Zebra directly!). But this 6-pack specifically, with a mix of coloured pens and different sized black pens, is ONLY available here, from me! 🙂 You won’t find this combo pack anywhere else.

Is shipping included? Do you ship internationally?

Shipping to Canada and the continental United States is included in the price (an up to $18 value— omg, who knew how expensive shipping pens could be!). International shipping is available to select countries and an additional $14.95 shipping fee will be added to your order. If your country is not on the list, send me a message!

How long will it take to receive my pens?

If you’re in Canada or the U.S., it should take roughly 7-10 business days to arrive to your home after the sale ends. If you’re international, please know it may take longer to arrive.

Are refunds available?

If you receive a faulty set of pens, please let me know and I’ll replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, these are final-sale products and cannot be returned.

Brush Pen Favourites Reviews

“Absolutely loved these pens! They were super smooth and really easy to work with as a beginner. They were definitely worth the money!” — Illianna Soto

“I really love my pens! They are very pigmented and write so smoothly. I also love the packaging since I can keep them in my purse and take them on the go. I carry them everywhere and practice with them every chance I get!” — Crescentia “Crisy” Hurst

“I LOVED my set of pens and the test page inside. It was such a thoughtful touch! I have come to prefer those in this set to other fude pens because of how much juicer and more vibrant they are. I also keep them in the cute package they came in because it’s easy to tote around!” — Melissa May

“Hands down, these are my favorite pens! I can’t recommend them enough!” — Rosa York

“The color is a nice depth, and I love the feel of the pen in my hand, like Goldilocks, they are not too fat and not too thin—they are just right. I also love the length of them. I would buy them again!” — Brenda Glover

“I love the pens! They are amazing. I love how smooth they write and the size is perfect! I bought a pack for my friend, and I know she loves them as well. We both use them a lot!” — Lisa Dangelo

“I loved the pens! Totally worth the price. The colours are so vibrant and the pens write very smoothly. I would definitely recommend others to buy them!” — Christina Spurrell

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