Show Me Your Florals

So you want to learn watercolour painting, do you?

This free program will teach you the basics, even if you have no painting experience.

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During this workshop, you’ll learn:

The exact supplies (brushes, paints & papers) you’ll need for watercolour painting

All of the watercolour basics—mixing, layering, color bleeds & more, so you can get just the riiiiight shade of pink with your brush or make the perfect ombre

How to paint fun & easy abstract compositions

How to paint popular florals & foliage (think: leaf shapes, peonies, and even a floral bouquet!)

How to put your florals and leaves together into a beautiful final floral composition!

Our next challenge starts July 25

21 days 6 hours 54 mins 7 secs

It's not too late to join!

Get started with watercolours in this DIY week-long challenge..

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  • Melanie MacArthur

    I have followed other “free” classes and they are SO disorganized, to the point that I unregistered. Becca and Steph’s content is AMAZING, EASY to follow, CLEAR & most of all, ORGANIZED. Oh, and the fact that we have unlimited access is such a BONUS because there’s so much less stress to keep up.

Student Work

ShowMeYourFlorals Questions

  1. ShowMeYourFlorals is a completely free 1-week watercolour basics course. During our week together, you’ll work through short daily video lessons & fun assignments. By the end of the week, you’ll be comfortable with painting in watercolours!

    You can learn more about ShowMeYourFlorals and sign up for the next semester right here.

  2. ABSOLUTELY. This challenge is PERFECT for you- we will take you from the very very basics all the way to painting florals.

  3. The entire course is accessible through an online portal that you can access via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

    At the start of the challenge, I’ll share the supplies you need to get started with watercolour basics. Each day, we’ll learn and practice. You can complete the work on your own time at your own pace.

    If you’d like feedback, you can post your work in the comments, our private Facebook group, or on Instagram (this is optional).

  4. Great question! As soon as you sign up, you will get an instant PDF download with a full guide to the recommended supplies.

  5. Once challenge ends, there will be more advanced workbooks/courses available for purchase:

    • Floral Bouquet
    • Floral Monogram
    • Holiday Florals
    • Fall Florals

    These advanced tutorials are 100% optional and you are not required to purchase them. They are self-directed courses that you will complete on your own (but you are welcome to share your work in the community!)

  6. YES! Exciting, right?! Karin of @ipadlettering has made this program totally accessible for the iPad, just like Show Me Your Drills!

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