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You can learn watercolouring in just 1 week, even if:

You’ve never held a paintbrush before

You’ve tried to learn 100x before, but could never make heads or tails of the instructions

Trying a new medium kind of scares you

You have no experience creating florals

You’re not even sure if you want to learn watercolouring

In this DIY challenge, you’ll get straight into to the basics of watercolour painting and learn:

The exact supplies (brushes, paints & papers) you’ll need for watercolour painting

All of the watercolour basics—mixing, layering, color bleeds & more, so you can get just the riiiiight shade of pink with your brush or make the perfect ombre

How to paint fun & easy abstract compositions

How to paint popular florals & foliage (think: leaf shapes, peonies, and even a floral bouquet!)

How to put your florals and leaves together into a beautiful final floral composition!

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Learn how to paint with watercolours in this DIY week-long challenge..

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You’ll learn how to paint with watercolours in just 1 week. FREE!

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  • Melanie MacArthur

    I have followed other “free” classes and they are SO disorganized, to the point that I unregistered. Becca and Steph’s content is AMAZING, EASY to follow, CLEAR & most of all, ORGANIZED. Oh, and the fact that we have unlimited access is such a BONUS because there’s so much less stress to keep up.

  • Chenoa Nichol

    I was initially nervous about doing the Show Me Your Florals course, having no previous experience and thinking there was no creativity in me at all! From Day 1 I knew I’d found my ‘happy place’ – the course was structured so well it naturally helped me to build on my skills each day. With both the video tutorials and the workbook I was able to go along at my own pace and not miss out on anything! The added bonus is that the Show Me Your Florals community of other watercolour enthusiasts, from beginners to expert, are so encouraging that it really is one of the most positive experiences I’ve had. It’s also made me realise that we don’t know how creative we are until we start to create!

  • Liz Barber

    I can’t express enough how helpful taking the “Show me your Florals” Watercolor challenge was. I previously had no experience with watercolor before taking this course. I love that this course takes you step by step and teaches you the foundations of mixing colors and basic watercolor techniques. When we learned leaves and flowers it was so wonderful to see that I could actually paint them. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to learn watercolors. Learning this artform isn’t for a select few, anyone can learn! Since taking this course I have been able to create watercolor art that others are actually buying. I’m so grateful for this course!

  • Susan Sarraffe

    Show me Your Florals is an excellent class! I’ve taken a few classes before this course, but this was so well done that it’s good for both those totally new to watercolor and those with some experience. I liked the beginning lessons because it was a great refresher of “back to basics”. The ability to work at your own pace is helpful if you need extra practice or don’t have the full time to do the lesson. Also, being able to use the resource, again and again, is a plus. I have improved my understanding of how certain techniques work and gained valuable skills to use in future projects. It’s nice to see other’s work in the Facebook Community. Sign up! You’ll enjoy this experience and learn a lot!

  • Sam Scully

    Before this course I had played around with watercolours a fair bit but I had never had any guidance or advice so things didn’t really turn out how I wanted them to.
    I loved how even the basics in this course were so fun to work on and I learnt skills with watercolour that will help me beyond just the beautiful florals that we learnt! I thoroughly enjoyed the clear, enthusiastic and generous hosts as they guided us through to being able to be confident in creating our own works of art.
    No matter what skill level you are at, you will learn something with this course but most of all, you will have a lot of fun!

  • Laura Lyons

    I had hardly any watercolour experience before the course, and limited art experience. The course was easy to follow and I was surprised how beautifully my work turned out.

  • Elzaan Truter

    Before taking the course I only had a little bit of watercolor experience, so I loved the fact that it takes you from beginner basics all the way through to painting a floral composition and wreath at the end! It was amazing to learn from Stephanie, who is a color genius and a master at watercolor florals. She breaks it down so well which makes it so easy to follow. I really surprised myself with the final project (I bet you will too!) and ever since then I’ve been hooked on painting watercolor florals. Becca and Stephanie are both so lovely and inspiring. I’m so grateful to them for sharing their knowledge! If you sign up for this course, you will 100% not regret it and most likely fall in love with watercolor painting!

  • Kim Budd

    Fantastic course! Highly recommend for all levels. Course consists of well put together modules that helped build my confidence and develop an my new appreciation for watercolor painting. Helped me to relax and was very uplifting being able to create something with all those beautiful colours. No more brown blobs for me! Instructors are great teachers and so talented. They are eager to share their knowledge and have a good sense of where people struggle with painting. You will be very happy you took this course.

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ShowMeYourFlorals Questions

  1. ShowMeYourFlorals is a completely free 1-week watercolour basics course. During the week, you’ll work through short daily video lessons & fun assignments. By the end of the week, you’ll be comfortable with painting in watercolours!

    You can learn more about ShowMeYourFlorals and sign up right here.

  2. ABSOLUTELY. This challenge is PERFECT for you- we will take you from the very very basics all the way to painting florals.

  3. The entire course is accessible through an online portal that you can access via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. To start, I’ll share the supplies you need to get started with watercolour basics. Each day, you’ll learn and practice. You complete the work on your own time at your own pace.

  4. Great question! As soon as you sign up, you will get access to a PDF download with a full guide to the recommended supplies.

  5. Once challenge ends, there will be more advanced workbooks/courses available for purchase:

    • Floral Bouquet
    • Floral Monogram
    • Holiday Florals
    • Fall Florals

    These advanced tutorials are 100% optional and you are not required to purchase them. They are self-directed courses that you will complete on your own (but you are welcome to share your work with the #ShowMeYourFlorals hashtag or in The Happy Ever Crafters community!)

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