So you keep seeing doodly (is that a word?) banners everywhere, right? From bullet journals to intricate, beautiful wedding signage and paper invitations.

Not sure what I’m talking about when I say “doodly banners”? I don’t blame you. Here are some real life examples of where I add banners in my own work!

Now lemme guess… you really wanna up your lettering game and add some of these, but you think to yourself, dang… I suck at drawing and they just keep ending up looking messy.

No prob. I’ve made you a super simple resource- a step by step video, and a free worksheet.

Cause let’s be honest… these hand drawn banners really do add a little somethin’ to your work. And once you can master these three super basic ones, you’ll be able to embellish and impress the crap out of yourself with some more complex ones.

If you’re ready to get started, I’m going to show you a step-by-step on how to draw three variations of doodle banner:

  1. A simple (straight) banner
  2. A curved banner
  3. A wavy banner

For supplies, you’ll need a simple, monoline (fancy word for non-flexible… so, not a brush pen) pen. You’ll also need some good quality paper that has guidelines to keep your lines straight.

Here are the products I’ll be using to demonstrate! You can click on the images to find them on Amazon!

Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip MarkersTombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers

Rhodia Dot Pad

Rhodia Dot Pad


Got your supplies?
Let’s get started! Click on the video below to head to the step-by-step demonstration.



Ready to give it a shot on your own? (Well, with some help of course….)

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