FREE Faux Calligraphy Crash Course

This week I created an impromptu free crash-course in light of the current situation! ❤️

This replay will only be free for the next 2 weeks. Sign up now before it’s gone!

You’ll learn ✍🏻:

  • The #1 easiest way to learn modern calligraphy (even for kids!)
  • How you can do calligraphy with ONLY tools you already own at home
  • What the calligraphy “basic strokes” are
  • Why your handwriting doesn’t matter (!!!!)
  • How to write a basic calligraphy alphabet

Includes a free 13-page workbook! ✍🏻
Print at home & follow along during the workshop!

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Not entirely sure what “faux calligraphy” is? Check this out 👇🏻