Alright, it’s official…. I’M COMING ON A WORLD (FREEKIN’) TOUR! Can you tell I’m losing my mind a little bit?!

Let’s back up for a second. This news requires a back story! (*don’t have time for- or care about– the backstory? Just skip to the bottom and get the scoop, so you can tell me where you are in the world!*)

In January I launched the ShowMeYourDrills challenge, and more people than I’d ever imagined joined the fun (to be precise, we’re up to about 22,000 people as of the writing of this article- WHAT!). During the challenge, by popular demand, I created ShowMeYourLetters as the “next step” workbook- and again, more people than I’d ever imagined bought it.

At this point in the story, I’m mind blown by the crazy amounts of support and kind words I’ve received… and my amazing students are starting to ask for more and more workbooks.

Now hit pause for a sec. It’s February, right after I’ve launched the Minuscules (lowercase) workbook, and I’m chomping at the bit to get the next one out. Ryan and I head out for our long awaited vacation to Costa Rica for 10 days. One night, about half way into our trip, we’re sitting at the most beautiful restaurant on the beach. We’re (admittedly) a couple of margaritas into the evening, we’ve got our toes in the sand, and we’re watching the most beautiful sunset. We pull out a map of the world, open it up on the table, and I say to him:

“Wouldn’t it be so amazing if we could go meet all of these students who have been working through this online content with me?”

… and then we literally just started picking points on the map. I picked one, he picked one. I picked one, he picked one. And we just kept going until we both looked at each other and realized….

This could really happen.

With the sale of the first workbook, and the upcoming sales of the next ones… I had been so blessed with the support of you guys (my wonderful, amazing, talented students), that it was ACTUALLY financially possible for me to quit my job, Ryan to take a leave from his, and for us to TRAVEL THE FRIGGIN’ WORLD for 6 months.

It was not something Ryan or I had ever even dreamed of doing… but after that conversation, we talked some more and decided…. how can we not do this?! This is happening.

**Actual photographic evidence of that fateful night in Costa Rica!**

If you’ve made it this far, congrats (LOL!) and thanks for reading!

Now let’s get to the practical stuff. Here’s the DEALIO:

  1. Am I just taking 6 months off to travel?
    No friggin’ way, José! I will be continuing to do and teach as much as I can online. So yes, ShowMeYourDrills and all of the online teaching I do will still be available. I will also be continuing my YouTube channel tutorials (coming soon!) and blogging weekly with new tips/tricks on calligraphy.
  2. Am I teaching workshops around the world?
    Naaaaaaaah. Why not? Because I will be doing MEETUPS instead! These meetups will be totally free and hosted in cities/venues to be determined (more on that in a sec!). Just a fun chance to come and hang out with me and other fellow Happy Ever Crafters, and play with calligraphy stuff! I just want to meet you- you already learn from me online, so let’s just hang out instead of have a formal workshop… cool?
  3. What does Tombow have to do with this “world tour”?
    Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmmm…. you know Tombow? My favourite pen company evvvahhhhh? Well… they’re sponsoring me. What does that mean for you? It means that if you come to a meetup, you’re getting free Tombow stuff.
  4. Where am I going, specifically?
    Well, friend…. that’s where you come in. I’ve created a form where you can go and enter your name/email address and locationso that I can find out where you want me to come! Once I’ve got those replies, I’ll have a better idea of where I’ll be going, and more importantly, I’ll be able to contact you directly if I’m coming to your city/country!

You can find and fill out that location form HERE!

Seriously, friend- I’d LOVE to come and hang out with you… wherever you are. Click that link above and tell me where!

Got any travel tips? Hit me in the comments! I’d love to hear ’em!

Freaking-out-about-leaving-my-home-for-6-months but also cannot-wait-to-meet-you,
Becca 🙂