World Tour Calligra-Meetup: BANGKOK!

So last night I did something I have to actually keep reminding myself was real: I hung out and played with brush pens with my Bangkok calligraphy students- IN REAL LIFE.

I know, that may not sound really ridiculously special to the average person, or anything… but sometimes I just sit back and think….

A few months ago (May, to be exact) I was working at my 9-to-5 job, doing calligraphy as a side gig and living in Ottawa… a pretty normal life. Now? I’m on the other side of the world, traveling for 6 months to hang out with my online students in their own cities and play with Tombow pens over casual drinks.

Like, is this even real?! It’s so cool, you guys.

And the Bangkok crew really helped me kick it off right. A huge thanks to the ladies (and their men!) who came out to calligra-hang, and a huge thanks to Tombow for sending the pens we played with! It couldn’t have been a better first meetup!

Here’s a little rundown of the evening…

They taught me how to write my name in Thai (no, I’m not showing you my final attempt! LOL)….

And I taught them my specialty…. how to stick brush pens up your nose!

A huge shoutout again to these four awesome ladies for coming out and visiting (and helping me make sense of Bangkok!): Angelica, Strawberry, Audjang and Davina (and the other Bangkok friends I made via email this week, who couldn’t make it!)- you guys rock!

If this meetup was any indication…. I can’t wait for the next ones to come!


  1. Love your stories! I’m learning each day , today will be my first post of my practice from your Challenge ??
    Hope to see you in Nashville one day!
    Enjoy your Endeavor!

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