Why Your Handwriting DOESN’T Matter for Learning Modern Calligraphy

I’m going to show you why less-than-perfect handwriting has ZERO bearings on whether you can do calligraphy!

I once taught a doctor with terrible penmanship how to do calligraphy… so you can DEFINITELY learn, too!

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to skip right to the video and see these in real-time! ??

Here’s WHY your calligraphy is different from your handwriting:

Calligraphy is built up of 7 different strokes. We’ve got the upstroke and downstroke (black), the under turn (pink), the overturn (orange), a compound curve (teal), an oval (red), the ascending loop (green), and the descending loop (purple).

Once you learn each of these basic strokes, all you have to do is put them together to turn them into letters.

Example #1: How to write the letter “a” in calligraphy.

First I would write my upstroke, then I would overlap my oval, and finally, I would take my under turn.

Example #2: How to write the letter “h” in calligraphy.

Start with the ascending loop then add a compound curve. Voila!

Example #3: How to write the letter “g” in calligraphy.

Start with an oval, and follow it up with a descending loop and, finally, an upstroke.

Once you learn these strokes, you can put them together to form your letters (and eventually your words!)

See, your handwriting really doesn’t matter at all!

And that’s a wrap!

All you have to do to learn calligraphy honestly is just learn those 7 basic calligraphy strokes. If you’re browsing through my YouTube channel, you’ll find a couple of other videos that walk you through the basic strokes in a little more depth… but I’ll do you one better!

I actually have a full free course called ShowMeYourDrills that goes through it all, as well as other things like, how to pick your supplies. Basically, all of the stuff you need to learn calligraphy from the ground up!

If you want to join, you can find the course here. Hopefully, this video convinced you to give calligraphy a try, even if your handwriting is terrible!

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