What is ShowMeYourDrills?

I’m talking all about Show Me Your Drills, my FREE calligraphy course, and why you should join!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I talk about Show Me Your Drills a lot, because it’s my signature program and it’s free. I’ve taught over 50,000 students in this program!

I absolutely LOVE this program. I never expected this is where my business would go or what I would be teaching, but that’s why I’m here and that’s why my business has grown, and that’s why I have such an amazing community of other calligraphers.

So, I would love for you to join us and in this tutorial, I wanted to walk you through exactly what it is, explain how it works, and let you know where you can join. Because it’s free.

First Things First…

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Now let’s get started!

I want to kick this post off by sharing this unreal post that Carol, from my Facebook group, shared:

If this doesn’t convince you to want to learn calligraphy, then…

So, the free course opens up twice a year…

You can join at www.showmeyourdrills.com, and you’ll be part of that semester of students who will be working through the course together.

In the free course, we work through the calligraphy basics together, and we do that using a free workbook, videos and emails, and the online course that I’m going to get you all set up on when you sign up.

Snapshot of the course portal.

You’ll get help understanding all of the supplies and what you need to get started, and I’ll walk you through all the stuff you need to know before you even put your pen to paper.

Then, once we start the calligraphy basics course…

We’re going to be working through one basic stroke a day. If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say basic stroke, don’t worry because that’s the whole point of this free course!

Basic strokes are the absolute backbone to learning calligraphy.

And they’re the reason why I started this course in the first place because there’s a lack of understanding around the basic strokes and it’s really hard to learn calligraphy if you haven’t learned them.

Each day of the free month, you’re going to have a little portion of your workbook to fill out so it’s about 20 minutes usually per day, you can do a lot more if you want to.

You’re going to have a little portion of your workbook to fill out. It’s about 20 minutes per day, but you can do a lot more if you want to. At minimum though, it’s about 20 minutes.

It’s just this little section in the book that I’ll walk you through and tell you exactly what you need to complete!

And the best part about all of this is that because you’re doing it alongside a lot of other beginners, you’re going to be in such an awesome community of other people doing exactly what you are. You’ll be held accountable and you’ll also have tons of support from me and from the mentors in the show me your drills challenge.

This is totally NOT to toot my own horn and say that I was a professional, but I was definitely good in the impress-your-friends-and-family way, for sure!

You’ll be invited to the private Show Me Your Drills Facebook group…

Where you can ask questions, share your work meet other people, and just generally have a lot of fun. And like I said, there are mentors in the group who are students who have done this in the past and who just loved it and who are willing to stay in the group and help out newbies. So, it’s just there’s generally a lot of help. And it’s free. Like, the whole month…

You also get a free supplies guide, extra help videos, and the month of the workbook where you can work through all the basic strokes. Once the free month is over, there’s a series of more advanced workbooks that look like this:

It’s entirely up to you at that point – you can continue on with us and go through each of these steps and get more and more advanced with your calligraphy, or you can just take the free course and use your basic strokes knowledge to work through everything else you want to on your own. 

There’s no pressure to buy anything at the end of it…

The whole first part is free – the very basics of calligraphy that you need to know. So if nothing else, just take that from me and then move on. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you do want to continue with us, there is a series of six other workbooks – there’s essentially one book per month –

  • Minuscules (Lowercase letters)
  • Majuscules (Uppercase letters)
  • Connections
  • Numbers & Symbols
  • Bouncing & Stylizing
  • Flourishing

These are all in order as you get more and more advanced with your calligraphy skills. Building on them is really awesome because you just gradually get better and better.

Each of these workbooks is not free, but by being part of the exclusive Show Me Your Drills group, you will get loads of opportunities to buy them at a discount. They end up being super affordable as opposed to biting off a huge chunk all at once and buying a really big, learn everything calligraphy course. 

So long story short…

If you want to learn calligraphy or even if you have learned it before but maybe you could brush up, no pun intended (or was it?! ?), on your basic strokes, definitely come and join us!

As I said, this calligraphy basics course is absolutely free!

You’ll be joining alongside a big group of other supportive beginners…

  • You’ll get all of the NEED-TO-KNOW beginner help you need, like what supplies to get and how to use them
  • You’ll learn the calligraphy basics for an entire month, taking out all of the overwhelm of getting started and I promise you that you’ll probably get hooked. 
  • And then once you’re hooked, you can move on to the more advanced techniques once you’re comfortable

If all that sounds like something you’re into, go to www.showmeyourdrills.com, sign up, and you’ll get emails from me right away telling you exactly what you need to do, how to log into your new free account, and get started!

I’ll teach you about all of the supplies you need to get ready.

Lastly, if you’ve signed up but you are just too excited to wait until your Show Me Your Drills semester starts, check out this video on Basic Calligraphy Strokes and it will give you a little headstart!

You can join here.


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