Unboxing The Happy Ever Crafter Goodies Box!

I’m going to show you what’s inside The Happy Ever Crafter Goodies Box. This kit is a collaboration with Cocoa Daisy and is custom designed by me, exclusively for you!!

I’m finally doing an unboxing of my new “goodies box” for you guys to see HOW FRIGGIN’ AWESOME IT IS! I’ve shown this a few times on Instagram and have gotten a TONNNN of questions about it, so I decided to open it up and show you everything that’s inside.

First Things First…

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Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to skip right to the video!

Before we dive inside, I have a little back story…

This box is a collaboration with an awesome company called Cocoa Daisy. They asked me if I’d want to partner with them to create a box full of custom awesome stuff for journaling, lettering, calligraphy, and doodling. Well, you can imagine what my answer was. 

Working together with them, we designed and put together a TON of amazing custom stuff, and MY box finally arrived!

I designed this box based essentially on things that I use in my OWN journal and calligraphy work because I get so many requests for tutorials on exactly what I do for mine!

Some things it includes:

And that’s a wrap!

I’m genuinely SO excited about this box and I already have so many plans in my head of more things I want to design as add-ons later on. This project is seriously a dream come true for me and I’m SO proud of how it turned out, I hope you guys love it!!!! Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because I put out two new videos every week.

I’ll see ya in the next one!

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