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Trying a Fluid Writer

A while back I got a DM on Instagram asking if I’d ever worked with a “fluid writer.” Honestly, I had never even HEARD of a fluid writer before. Me. The woman with a pen obsession. I knew instantly I needed it in my life, and clicked “add to cart” in no time at all. 

Amazon for the win again. 

This post is full of my reactions in real-time. If you want to actually SEE me use it and listen to my reactions in real-time, definitely check out the video on YouTube. For this blog post though, I’ll type up my thoughts and share some photos with you. 

First Things First…

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Supplies Mentioned

Rather watch than read? No problem! You can watch reactions in real-time by clicking the video below!

Packaging, Instructions, and Ink Choice

I linked to this fluid writer by Kemper Tools above, but I had no idea what I was doing when I ordered mine. I had no concept of good quality, bad quality, beginner, expert. I literally just ordered the only one I found on Canada Amazon. 

I also didn’t look up any instructions before trying it out. I just based it off of the instructions on the package. The packaging said it’s used to make consistent width lines with acrylics, inks, and other mediums. Hold it like a paintbrush. That was pretty much it. 

The whole thing is metal with a little reservoir and a super fine tip. The package came with a little protective cap and a pin/needle to clean it. 

I chose Ecoline liquid watercolour for my medium since it’s pretty thin and easy to work with. Eventually I’ll try other mediums, like watercolour paint that I’d have to water down, but for the first try, I chose liquid watercolour. 

Let’s Get Started!

I grabbed a dropper and got a bit of the liquid watercolour in it. I then squeezed it into the fluid writer reservoir. 

Oh my goodness. I didn’t have to do anything special. The ink just magically came out! 

It was seriously a ton of fun first trying it out. It just felt super satisfying in my hand. 

“hello” is always my go-to testing word… But this was definitely a mess. I should have chosen paper with guidelines. Rookie mistake.

What about a different grip?

I adjusted my grip to how I normally hold a pen, and it definitely scratched the paper. 

It seemed to work the best and made the most sense to hold it straight up and down. (The instructions did say to hold it like a paintbrush, which is more up and down.)

I liked that I could add more of the Ecoline ink to my strokes.

Will it blend?

I decided to see if I could blend colours within the reservoir. 

With a little purple still inside the reservoir, I added some blue to my dropper and squeezed it in with the purple inside the reservoir. 

It blended all on its own! It went from purple to blue all on its own – so cool! This is definitely a satisfying tool. 

It dried really nicely. It blended on its own. It worked for block letters in addition to the more calligraphy style lettering. 

It eventually transitioned fully from purple to blue, which was cool to see too. As it got lower in ink, it started to get a bit lighter it spots too. 

Will it work for faux calligraphy?

It even worked great for faux calligraphy! The flow was super good and worked really well for the strokes on my faux calligraphy. 

And that’s a wrap!

This fluid writer was SO SATISFYING! Have I said that yet? I definitely recommend getting one to play around with it. It’s different, which I’m always looking for. 

I’m looking forward to trying different things with it. Sumi ink. Watercolour paint. 

What other tools am I missing out on? Do you have any suggestions?! 

If you’re looking for another super satisfying art supply, check this one out. 🙂

And finally, your dad joke…

Where do people go to get their satisfaction?
The satisfactory.

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