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The 5 Calligraphy Tools I Can’t Live Without

Okay let’s say you’re going on a super long trip and you can only fit 5 calligraphy items in your tiny little backpack.

What do you pick?

This is a real thing that happened to me! A few years ago I went on a 6 month trip with the tiniest backpack I had ever seen. I could only take a few things with me, and I obviously needed to pack art supplies. 

Before I tell you what my 5 things are, though, I want you to tell me in the comments what YOURS would be… BEFORE you hear mine! Go!

First Things First…

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Supplies Mentioned

Rather watch than read? No problem! You can find out all about the five calligraphy tools I can’t live without by clicking the video below!

Let’s Get Started!

Did you pick your five tools? Now I’ll tell you mine.

#1: No surprise, Tombow Fudenosuke

My most versatile brush pen. It’s sturdy. It’s dependable. I can use it for brush calligraphy, which is great! But I could also use it as a regular pen in a pinch.

I have a full post about Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens here.

#2: Rhodia Paper (has to be graph format)

It definitely HAS to be graph format. Nothing worse than trying to do art without gridded paper. Guidelines are KEY. Rhodia is also just such a great high quality paper, period. So this is FOR SURE making my list. 

I have a full post about how to use Rhodia paper here.

#3: Marker Paper (or tracing paper in a pinch)

Rhodia is great graph paper, but sometimes you wanna write something and have it look pretty without guidelines. And without bringing a ruler and a pencil to draw guides then erase them, marker paper is the best. I

 love a good marker paper and Rhodia paper combination. I put the marker paper over top of the Rhodia graph paper. I can still see the guidelines underneath but can use the prettier paper and have a nicer final product. Boom. 

Also, marker paper is super easier on your brush pens. So if you only have one or a limited supply, they’re not going to fray or get super damaged easily by the paper.

#4: Laser Level

Omg I love my laser level so much. It saves me so so so so so much time when I’m trying to do ANYTHING on a straight line… envelope addressing, signage, etc. ANy calligraphy project really. 

I use a Johnson Hot SHot, but you can get any brand at just about any hardware store. 

I have a full post about my laser level here.

#5: MONO Sand Eraser

I love these MONO Sand Erasers by Tombow. This could function as a normal eraser if needed, but it also erases ink. Seriously, these sand erasers are a life saver! So so handy to have. 

And that’s a wrap! Those 5 things:

  1. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen
  2. Rhodia Paper
  3. Marker Paper
  4. Laser Level
  5. MONO Sand Eraser

Wanna learn more about calligraphy supplies?

We talk a tonnnnnnn more about supplies in my free calligraphy basics course if you’re new to all of this! 

Actually if you’re new to calligraphy at all you should come join! It’s totally free, and I teach you calligraphy from the very ground up.

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Alright that’s it for now. Next up I’ll link you to this post about my favourite beginner pens!

And finally, your dad joke…

A pencil isn’t my favorite writing tool…
… but it’s a solid number 2!

Tell me what you thought!