The “What Pen Is This” Supplies Guide!

Have you ever seen someone’s work and wondered (or asked), “What pen is this?”

I’m betting the answer is yes, if you’ve been trying to learn modern calligraphy, lettering or other related art.

And that’s why I made this free guide, which I’ve (lovingly) called…

The “What Pen Is This?” Modern Calligraphy & Lettering Supplies Guide


The links below may be affiliate links where appropriate. This means that your purchase through these links may result in a few cents in payment to me, to support creating further resources like this one! That being said, I will never suggest supplies that I do not personally use and fully recommend.

Now… you’re totally welcome to just go ahead and download it right away.

BUT… before you do… you should know…

I’ve teamed up with some of the biggest and most awesome stationery & art supply companies out there to surprise one lucky pen-friend with a TON of the supplies inside this guide.

Like… pretty much everything you need to get started with calligraphy & lettering.

This is huge.

Interested? Read on to find out how to win.

**UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, but the free guide is still available here**

First, a huge thanks to the sponsors!

First, you should know about the awesome companies I’ve teamed up with to bring you this prize. Tombow, Zebra, JetPensDeSerres and Winsor & Newton have all generously donated supplies, so that our one lucky winner could walk away with one of the most comprehensive starter packs ever!

So a huge virtual round of applause for them! ❤️

Here’s what’s in the prize!

I’m not kidding- this prize is incredible. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Rhodia Dot Pad
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pen – 6 Pen Set
  • Signo White Gel Pen
  • Kuretake Sumi Ink
  • Ziller Oblique Wood Holder
  • Dr. PH Martins Bleedproof White
  • Winsor & Newton Watercolour Box
  • Set of 6 Zebra Brush Pens- Multiple Sizes
  • Set of Zebra Funwari Coloured Brush Pens
  • Set of Zebra G Nibs
  • Strathmore Bristol Paper
  • Strathmore Tracing Paper
  • Strathmore Cold Press Watercolour Paper
  • Arches Cold Press Watercolour Paper
  • Arches Hot Press Watercolour Paper
  • Princeton Snap! Synthetic Round Paintbrushes
  • Ecoline Liquid Watercolours
  • Sharpie Oil Paint Pens
  • Stabilo ALL Pencil
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip
  • Set of Tombow Dual Brush Coloured Pens
  • Set of Tombow Twin-Tone Markers
  • Set of Tombow Mono Drawing Pens
  • Tombow Dust Catch Eraser
  • Tombow Sand Eraser

…. insert *MIND BLOWN* emoji here, amirite?!?!

Here’s how to enter to win:

**UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, but the free guide is still available here**

This giveaway will have a *feeeew* steps more than your usual, since it’s such a huge prize. When you’re ready, make sure you’ve checked off all of the steps below.

  1. Head to this post on Instagram
  2. Hit “like”!
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments, telling them to enter too!
  4. Be following these accounts: @thehappyevercrafter, @tombowusa, @zebrapen_canada, @jetpens, @winsorandnewton, @deserres
  5. And of course, download the “What Pen Is This” guide! Just enter your name/e-mail at the bottom of this page.

And that’s it!

Giveaway is open internationally! The draw for the winner will happen at 12pm EST on Monday, August 6th, and will be notified and announced via social media & e-mail. One entry per Instagram handle.

Good luck! And I hope you enjoy the Supplies Guide!


  1. Wowowow …fingers crossed … I really wanna win this ???? good luck to all who have enetered. Love your work Becca, such an inspiration to us newbies ??

  2. I had my first lesson last week from a friend and I love it ! Many thanks to you and your job. It is so helpful. Your partners are wonderful too 🙂

  3. So excited for this!! A lot of these supplies will help me out when writing my sisters wedding invitations ??

  4. Wow what a give-away package. I’m already a fan and customer of most of these amazing companies and I’m so excited be introduced to the others! Thanks for doing this Becca!

  5. ??? OH MY GOODNESS! ? CAN I BE THE LUCKIEST ONE? ? THESE ARE LIKE A DREAM, I WISH, TO COME TRUE.. This is really like a precious opportunity to get the tools which I always had been admiring on other fellow letterer’s posts…. and, been always there in my wishlist! (B’coz these are so expensive at my place and I can’t afford to buy those gorgeous supplies.. ?) I wanna win this giant giveaway so badly… ✨ As @kaish_calli on Instagram.. ?

  6. Oh wow! I look forward to the recommendations and am excited about the giveaway contest! Thanks Becca!

  7. Wow Becca, so amazing, hope I’m the lucky winner, this would be so amazing and I love your bouncing and lettering book so much definitely recommend it. Go get it now!!!

  8. Yaaaaay what a superhuuuuuge giveaway ? i tried some of the supplies, still I‘d love to find out about the rest :)))

  9. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it ? I know I only have .00000001% chance of being picked but I hope to win! can’t remember when was the last time I bought art supplies bc budget’s so tight #studentproblems

  10. What an amazing prize. I would love, love , love this as we can’t get most of these items in New Zealand plus it’s my birthday. Would be incredible to win

  11. Most of these supplied we can’t get in New Zealand. I would be amazing to win. It would make my birthday very exciting ?

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