I’m interested in using my calligraphy/lettering skills to start a business…

Yesssss good for you!! Starting a biz gets me fired up, so I have a few resources for you!

First, if you need a kick in the butt to DO IT, watch this (these artists reeeeeally know what they’re talking about)!:

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Second, if you need a bit of guidance to get those wheels in motion, join me and my friend Joanne for a FREE workshop called “Five Keys to Confident Pricing”. Find it here or click below!

free calligraphy pricing workshop


  1. I’ve always been interested in having a business and in calligraphy so my goal is to really learn calligraphy and be able to have a small business on the side.

    1. That’s helpful stuff!! I am also trying to get a side business in the calligraphy field, and maybe it could be my only job in the future!! Thanks, Becca, you’re a hope dispenser!!!

        1. Awesome! I do some work with handmade papers & I am adding pressed flowers to the mix. I want to open a fountain pen store in MT.

  2. I have been a scrapbooker, card maker since 1996. I love making cards suited for the person and sometimes need an original saying that I dont have a stamp for – calligraphy will fill that need. Thank you I am having a ball learning!

  3. Everything u do 4 us is greatly appreciated, please remember that. I love what ur doing with the words of encouragement ur giving everyone with ur window & sidewalk art!❤

  4. I’ve been thinking/researching about starting a calligraphy/creative business for half the year, and heard from sooo many different people. THANK YOU both for this amazing talk! I feel like there were points made here that I hadn’t heard before or considered, and it’s absolutely inspired me in a new way to look at my journey and how to get started. Thank you Becca and Lana!

  5. I enjoy most all of your video’s, there very informative. I’m researching on starting a not-for-profit business and I’m thinking about calling it “THE SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION AND DISPLAY OF CALLIGRAPHY AND ILLUMINATION” this will be based on the Past, present and future disciplines of Calligraphy and Illuminated writings and artwork. To this end your interview videos and your personal videos have been a great help.

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