Mural Painting: Tips, Tricks & Lessons Learned


Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog are the ladies behind Pandr Design Co., the Drunk on Lettering Podcast AND Ladies Who Paint!

And it was all thanks to Instagram!

Roxy and Phoebe originally met via Instagram as two creatives just doing their own thing, and collaborated on a meet-up group for artists.

Together they worked on small projects (creating stickers, pins…that kind of cool stuff!) before coming together to create Pandr, a design company specializing in creating custom art (murals being their expertise) and branding for businesses!

The duo have since painted over 100 murals together and learned many valuable lessons along the way, some of which they have agreed to share with us!!

Watch the video below to catch the interview, or read on below for a quick recap!

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Lessons Learned:

  • Painting isn’t brain surgery! If you mess up, it’s as simple as letting it dry and painting over. If you can design something, you can learn to apply it to a wall.
  • There will always be something that goes wrong. Every wall is different and every project is different.
  • Brick walls have built in grids (use them!) BUT are extensive and require more work.
  • White walls need many (MANY!) coats.
  • Paint brands, even the expensive ones, are never “just one coat”. (Especially white, yellow and red paints need multiple layers!)
  • You can’t please everyone!
  • Never design a mural to be symmetrical.
  • Stay away from straight lines! They are messier and easier to point out if they aren’t perfect.

Best Advice (for getting into mural painting):

  • If there is a project you want, do it! Don’t wait for an opportunity, create your own opportunity!
  • Paint your first murals for free as learning experiences for schools, non-profits, or in your home of that of a friend.
  • Learn by doing!

Biggest Mess-Ups:

  • Spilling the water bucket (filled with dirty paint brushes) on the carpet of an art museum!
  • Not charging properly (too little) for a job!

The ladies also go into some really important topics, including why they choose to be transparent with pricing! (They even shared how they price their work, how their pricing is divided AND their minimum rates in the interview!!)

Roxy and Phoebe have also collaborated on two other projects, the Drunk on Lettering Podcast, a weekly podcast where they get drunk and interview creatives, and Ladies Who Paint, a non-profit organization which supports female muralists, sign painters and street artists.

If you haven’t already, check out their work and give them a follow!

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your very (VERY!) busy schedules for chatting with me, ladies!!


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