Personal Branding for Letterers & Calligraphers

The Biz Buds (Tom Ross and Mike Janda) share their personal branding secrets and how YOU can grow your personal brand.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow and nurture your own personal brand
  • How authenticity can be your brand’s secret weapon
  • How to utilize targeting, positioning, and messaging to find your ideal audience
  • That Becca is the Dad Joke Master!
  • AND SO MUCH MORE! (seriously, this episode is PACKED!)

Key takeaways from this lesson:

  1. Personal branding is all about how your brand’s essence is perceived
  2. It’s up to you to intentionally define what that brand is
  3. Recognize what makes you different, and embrace it
  4. Through developing a personal brand, you become much more in touch with yourself and what you’re about as a person
  5. Your personal brand is never done; as the needs of your audience change, so do you and so does your brand

Resources we mentioned:

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  1. Gold mine of an episode, thank you!
    & I totally feel Tom…. Lauren Hom is great and my biz crush also! =P

    Also, here’s my take on how to use those emojis:
    – Double hands up emoji = praise hands, cheering you on, “great job”
    – Hands with palms together = praying hands, also used for like a humble thank you


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