3 Simple Activities to Tap Into Your Creativity with Peggy Dean

You know those people who are just like…contagiously happy? The kind of happy that is so effortless that next thing you know your cheeks are hurting because you’re constantly laughing and smiling when you chat? Yeah…Peggy Dean is one of those people.

You can view my full interview and live lesson with Peggy here, or scroll down for my full recap!

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Peggy is the author, educator and dabbler behind @thepigeonletters. Though she is now widely known for her bright colours and fun lettering on Instagram, Peggy never really “studied” art formally- she was always a creative individual, and sort of “bent” the traditional standards of “the box”.

An example, juuuust for instance, is that she was previously employed as a hairstylist and makeup artist, a “cool boss” barber shop manager (her words, lol), and a freekin’ fire dancer. Yes. Fire, as in burning flames of burning fire…burning.

Annnnd that pure authentic creativity is what makes Peggy Dean perfect for this interview and lesson, where she’s talking us through some easy exercises to tap into your own creativity.

“When journeys happen organically, doors keep opening…trust the journey” – Peggy Dean

So if you’re ever feeling in a rut, feeling like you need to check out for a moment, or just have the urge to get your creative on, the following exercises can be done anywhere with ANY writing utensil.

Tools you’ll need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen/pencil

But seriously, just work with what you have.

Blind Contouring: draw quickly without looking at your paper and without lifting your pencil

1 Minute Drawing Challenge: draw an object as quickly as possible in one minute

Non-Dominant Hand and/or Upside-down Lettering: exactly what it sounds like

“When something is embarrassing, you just embrace it.” – Peggy Dean

There are a number few other prompts that Peggy uses on the regular, and she even has an ENTIRE GROUP called Artistic Challenges to Motivate your Creative Journey – with new prompts EVERY TWO WEEKS – dedicated on the topic! So if you’re interested, you should totally check it out!

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