Beat The Instagram Algorithm With These 5 Ninja Tricks

Jenna Rainey is back! But this time instead of watercolour talk, she’s walking us through her 5 ninja tricks to beat the Instagram Algorithm!

If you’re a creative entrepreneur and you use Instagram for your business, you’re really gonna want to watch this!

Check out the video, and then scroll down for some of the key takeaways and a list of all the resources we mentioned!


  • Why Instagram is such an important tool for your creative business
  • Why it’s NOT about the numbers…really!
  • Why the relationship with your followers is so much more important than you might think
  • How to figure out which hashtags you should be using
  • How to get your followers to engage with your content by using a call to action
  • Why you should be sharing your process
  • Why consistency is sooo important


  1. You CAN beat the algorithm…you just have to work WITH the algorithm (and not against it!)
  2. Work to serve the audience you ALREADY HAVE and stop worrying about gaining followers! Get to know them and build relationships with them through REAL engagement and the algorithm will help you gain more followers naturally! Happy followers can be your biggest asset!!
  3. Get your face on camera with direct-to-camera stories! It might feel weird at first, but it’s great way to gain trust with your followers.


?? Find Jenna on Instagram @jennarainey and on her website!

?? Learn more about Jenna’s Instagram course, “Instagram For Creatives

?? Check out Jenna’s first interview where she shows you how to scan and edit your watercolour art!

?? Snag a copy of Jenna’s watercolour books “Everyday Watercolor” and “Everyday Watercolor Flowers

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  1. There was really great info. Thank you for taking the time to put out information (for free) for newbies. And it really adds to the feeling of community in the art world.

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