BrushEx Magic Tool

New Magic Tool?!

But really though… this might be actual magic!

A couple months ago, I did a tutorial for a Valentine’s Day Card that involved masking fluid (you can go check it out here). One of my followers reached out and asked if I had ever heard of BrushEx. 

And I hadn’t. 

Which is super weird because I have a looooot of art supplies. Turns out it’s a German product and is only available through the company. 

But I was SO excited to try it. It claims to erase brush pen. Liiiiike you use a brush pen, use this over top, and your paper returns to white. No need for masking fluid at all. 

Do you think it’s too good to be true?

First Things First…

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Supplies Used

Rather watch than read? No problem! I actually hiiiiighly recommend watching for this one because this stuff might be actual magic!

Let’s Get Started!

I got the “fine” size of the BrushEx pen. They did have other sizes, but I went with this one. They also sent a refill bottle. This looks super similar to the Pentel Aquash pens – you just fill the barrel with water or in this case the magical liquid it comes with. 

I made some swatches using Tombow Dual Based Brush Pens. These are water-based, which likely plays a role in BrushEx’s effectiveness. I don’t know though because I can’t read the package. 

I decided to write a word across the swatches, but I wanted to try a simple scribble first. I wrote HI – only the fanciest lettering for you after all. And then scribbled this solution over it to see what happened. 

OH MY GOSH. It wasn’t even five seconds, and it was completely gone. (Seriously – go watch the video. These photos don’t do it justice.)

I did expect this to work but not that fast. It was literally MAGIC. 

I soaked up the extra fluid with a paper towel because I didn’t need it anymore. It was completely gone, you guys. GONE. You can’t even see where it used to be!

This stuff would be great to fix a mistake or a smudge on your paper. Sooooo good. 

Next I wrote magic. I won’t win any awards for my amazing lettering here, but I was just too excited in the moment to be super careful. 

The BrushEX pen is so much better than my masking fluid trick. 

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this stuff. I thought it’d be pretty cool, sure, but this is truly next level. 

It seemed to work better on some colors than others. I needed to add a little more solution on the orange and green pen marks, but it still worked great once I added a bit more of the liquid. 

I also wrote the word wow and made a line through it. It spread a bit because I added too much. But this is so cool. 

And that’s a wrap!

I don’t know how it works. All I know is it works, it’s super cool, I’m speechless, and I’m super glad someone pointed it out to me. 

You can’t get this on Amazon – you have to buy it directly from the company. But here’s the BrushEX website (it’s in German)!

If you’re interested in some of my favourite supplies, check out my free supplies guide! It’s over 50 pages of supply recommendations from brush lettering to paper to drawing to tech!

And finally, your dad joke…

How do you make a one disappear?
Add a “g” and it’s gone!


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