How To Do Lettering On Windows


In this interview I chat with a local lettering pal, Natasha Runions about lettering on windows!

But this isn’t your usual Artist Interview! This is an especially cool interview because Natasha and I actually GO ON SITE and demonstrate all of the steps we take for lettering on windows!

So teeeechnically speaking this is an Artist Interview AND a how-to-letter-on-windows video all mashed into one.

Watch the video below and then scroll down for some of the key takeaways and a list of all the tools we mentioned!


  • How to charge for window lettering jobs
  • What questions to ask the client BEFORE you quote
  • What pens or paint to use on a window
  • How to plan and lay out your sketch on such a large scale
  • How to make your letters permanent for the outdoors
  • How to letter backwards
  • What tools to bring on site with you
  • And most importantly…how to be prepared, show up, and not look like a FOOL fumbling around trying to make your design perfect!


  1. Always give the client your MINIMUM PRICE from. the. start.
  2. Never tell a client your hourly rate.
  3. ALWAYS get a deposit before you start ANY work and be sure to include the amount of revisions you provide (usually 2-3) in your contract.
  4. There are three ways to transfer your sketch from small scale to large scale: print it off, use tracing paper or freehand it (but we don’t recommend that!)
  5. Tape your sketch on the OUTSIDE of the window!
  6. Remember that with glass there is A LOT of skewing. Make sure you are looking at your sketch straight on and not from the side.


If you’re not sure which markers work best for the job remember if the job is…

  • Temporary: Use a chalk marker
  • Semi-Permanent: Use a water based paint pen
  • Permanent: Use an oil-based paint pen


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  1. So many useful tips, thank you! Do you have any advice for rainy days? I’ve always been lucky enough to letter on dry days. I think I’ve pushed my luck and always wondered what I’d do if I couldn’t successfully attach my sketch to the outside window in the rain. Any tips?

  2. Becca, you are my all-time favorite calligraphy tutor. Wish I can see you at least once since I am living in a country far away from Canada.

  3. I really appreciate all the time and effort you took to make this video for folks like me! I’ve been wanting to get into window art for a while and your tips and tricks were super helpful – I am so glad I found this video before starting!

    I do have a quick question for you and/or Natasha though. Do you have any tips on lettering windows that are tinted? Assuming that they want a semi-permanent installation, do we just proceed as normal while warning the client that the color might be skewed due to the tint?

    Thank you so much again!

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