How to add Embellishments to your Letters

Mye De Leon is an incredible hand lettering artist and her lettering journey is nothing short of inspiring.

After the birth of her son and needing a creative outlet, Mye rediscovered her talents for hand-lettering nearly 15 years after she first discovered it helping her guidance counsellor back in her school days. (Side note: this story is SO inspiring to hear. You *need* to hear it in the video!)

Soon Mye began to post her various takes on a single letter online and lucky for us, it didn’t take long for the Insta world to notice.

Her creative take on decorative and embellished letters is really unique (keep an eye out for the awesome alphabet poster she designed in her office), and it’s no wonder she authored Mastering Hand-Lettering: Your Practical Guide to Creating and Styling the Alphabet

Seriously, it is the perfect book if you feel like your lettering is in need of a little boost! I straight up carried this book around the world with me for 6 months after she gave it to me when I visited Singapore— THAT’S how much I loved it.

But don’t take my word for it. In case you missed the live interview and lesson with Mye in The Happy Ever Crafters Facebook group earlier this week, you can get a taste of how Mye’s book (not to mention her FREE online course) can do for you and your lettering. Just watch the video below and see what I mean for yourself.

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Now, tuning into the lesson and watching it for yourself is the best way to get the most out of it, but here are a few fun design elements Mye shared with us:

  • Draw a thin empty line inside of a thick filled block letter (think of it like letter within a letter)
  • Add dots following the shape of the letter (for “marquee” style- this can look crazy cool in colour, too!)
  • Fill in a portion of the letter half way up, and then draw horizontal lines (leaving a border space following the letter) to the top
  • Use thin lines and small dots for a simpler, cleaner look
  • Make shading by drawing dots at the bottom of the letter and having them disperse (thin out) as you move upwards- this is called “stippling”, and it’s time consuming, but sooo pretty!
  • Give a 3D effect by adding even diagonal lines (going the same direction) OUTSIDE of the letter

Mye did her entire lesson with just a piece of paper, a pencil, eraser and a ruler. Which goes to show that a bit of dedication to your craft and the basic tools is all you need to make a killer design!

“If it is important you will find the time to do it.” – Mye De Leon

Huge thanks to Mye for taking time out of her busy life (and staying up super late to work with the time difference between Ottawa and Singapore) to share some of her awesome tips and trick with us!

You can find more of Mye’s work on her Instagram account and on her website.

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Just as an FYI: Mye has an AWESOME *FREE* PDF on her website. Honestly, she could totally be selling it so hurry on and get it for free before she changes her mind and starts charging for it *winky face*


  1. This was amazing! Decorating tea towels for gifts, I’m using initials in the corners and wanted embellished letters. What a help this was with initials or men that I didn’t want to make all viney!

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