Loveleigh Loops might look alike (they are twin sisters after all) but that doesn’t mean that their lettering styles are the same. In this interview, Jordan and Jillian teach us their process for how to explore new styles to further expand your own signature lettering style.

They walk us through their analytical thinking (more on that below), and show us the inner workings of an amaaaazing course they’ve developed all aimed at helping you come up with new styles. You can find that course, Letter Logic, here! (ANNNND, you’ll also get a Happy Ever Crafter exclusive 15% OFF discount when you use that link!)


For now, check out the lesson below! Or, you can skip the video and read my recap!

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Who are the Loveleigh Loops girls?

So, by the small chance that you don’t already know who they are, Jordan Truster and Jillian Reece are the sisters behind Loveleigh Loops (pronounced “lovely”, which is fitting because they really are lovely!) The sisters took their first calligraphy workshop together when they were just 11 years old and fast forward to today and they are two of the leading online lettering recourses, having taught thousands (both in person and online) with a following of over 50K people worldwide.


Breaking (but also not breaking) the rules of calligraphy

It’s no secret that the lettering community is full of creatives, a quick scroll through Instagram will prove that. But what if you’re more of the analytical type? Jordan and Jillian came across this problem when they took up modern calligraphy. How do you create your own style without breaking the traditional rules of calligraphy? They are both analytical thinkers, so they found that if you break down the fundamentals and make small variables, you can create your own style. Think of it like breaking some of the rules and not all of the rules. That’s when they created Letter Logic – their way of demystifying the creative lettering process and making it logical!

Now, the lesson they give during the interview is super cool. Jordan and Jillian start out by having the same word (“sky”) written in a basic traditional version at the top of their screens and then go on to write the same word in their own personal styles. This is when you really can see the difference between both twins lettering styles; they are both beautiful, but Jordan’s version falls on the more traditional side of calligraphy, whereas Jillians is more modern. They explain (letter by letter) the differences between the original basic version and the little changes made did to make it more unique to them.

AND THEN THEY DO IT AGAIN, completely different from the second versions, but still totally falling within their own individual styles. Its pretty cool.


Jordan explains that each of the fundamental strokes (*cough* the basic strokes for all the ShowMeYourDrillers out there *cough*) can have one (or more) of the following elements changed in order to make it more unique:

1. Proportion
2. Slant
3. Roundness
4. Bounciness
5. Tail
6. Inner loop

With this breakdown, the ladies put together all of the individual components and created a letter grid of all of the letter variation possibilities! SO COOL! Seriously, if you’ve ever been stuck on a letter and wanted to give it a bit more YOU, Loveleigh Loops is a great place to start! Their Letter Logic course is amazing and SUCH A GREAT PRICE! Honestly, it’s a steal.


Oh… and… last but not least, these ladies are so lovely (ha…haha) that they also shared some FREE WORKSHEETS that can be found here! Just leave your name/email address and I’ll send them over to you asap!


loveleigh loops calligraphy freebie


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