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Using Liquid Watercolours for Lettering with Liss Amyah

Liss Amyah is pretty much THE OG (that’s millennial talk for “original gangsta”) of blending watercolours and hand lettering.

Just 4 short years ago she left her career as a freelance graphic designer after baby number 6 (yes, 6. The woman runs an empire and is a mother of 6. Hello superwoman!) and started selling typography prints on Etsy. It was then that she stumbled across hand lettering and became OBSESSED! (Ha, don’t we all?)

She bought a few online courses (which she didn’t even complete), grabbed a paintbrush, some black ink, posted some killer videos on Instagram and quickly became who we all know as @lissletters *star eyes*

If you’re more of a visual learner (chances are high, if you’re visiting this blog!), you can go ahead and watch the whole interview here instead of reading my recap below!

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Liss believes that an artists’ lettering is reflective of their personality…which toooootally makes sense as soon as she starts off the lesson with a “happy little rainbow” of watercolour paint. Liss, like her artwork (and her hair), is super bright, fun, bold and just sooooo dang cool.

What tools do I need for blending liquid watercolours?

Speaking of watercolours, I almost want to do a word count for the amount of times Liss mentions the Ecoline Liquid Watercolours, because the girl clearly LOVES them. Though she does make a point that I feel is REALLY important: the creative process and your willingness to experiment FAR outweighs the importance of having “the right” tools. So if you are interested in lettering, grab whatever is at your disposal and just try it. Experiment, play and figure out what works FOR YOU.

That being said, she does have some favourite tools. In her lesson, Liss goes over why she loves the below tools and how she uses them, so be sure to check out the interview for details!


And in case I forgot to mention…

Here’s another super helpful tip: Liss keeps her liquid watercolours in an
ice cube tray that has a sealed lid. How cool is that?! That way she doesn’t have to open each of them individually. Genius!

“I’m not opposed to damaging things for the sake of art”

-Liss Amyah

If you follow Liss on Instagram you already know that her lesson was awesome. How the woman creates such beautiful works with her “wing it” process is ridiculous (she made a special piece just for us and it is GORGEOUS! Wait until you see those splatters!)

If you can’t watch the interview, here are a few really cool tips that stood out:

  • You don’t need to rinse your brush between watercolour pots *gasp*
  • Try to keep similar colour tones together: warms tones such as yellow, red and orange work beautifully, and pink, purples and blues are gorgeous together!
  • Don’t blend green and orange or blue and orange. *arms crossed* THAT BEING SAID, you can use them in the same piece, just not together.

Liss also covered the many ways to attain blended watercolours in your lettering, but you should just watch the interview to see them for yourself!

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