Working With Wedding Clients: From Inquiry to Invoice

Laney Schenk of Design by Laney creates the most stunning wedding invitation suites.


And because they’re so stunning and she has totally perfected her craft, Laney works with a lot of clients…wedding clients in particular.


If you’ve never worked with a client on wedding invitations the task might seem a bit daunting. Weddings are obviously a big deal (especially to the client), so maybe you’ve avoided taking them on as projects. Or, maybe you’ve designed a handful of suites but feel like your process needs improvements. Maybe you made some serious mistakes and felt like the effort wasn’t worth the payoff.


Whatever the situation, you’ll definitely benefit from this interview if you’re thinking of working with wedding clients at some point!

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Laney is well aware of the many steps needed from start to finish when working with wedding clients. From the very first contact to the final invoice, to how to keep your exchanges organized and how to deal with an unhappy client…after 5 years in business, she has tweaked her process in order to work more effectively and efficiently.


For a quick overview, Laney goes over ALL. OF. THIS.:

  • Website Contact Forms
  • Proposals & Estimates
  • Contracts
  • Retainers
  • Info + Design Questionnaires
  • Approvals
  • Production Sheets
  • Production Timelines
  • Invoices
  • Reviews
  • & more!


And that’s just a brief overview of her process.


So it LOOKS like it’s a lot, especially if you’re trying to get into wedding invitations, and it is. But in terms of *free information* Laney is covering so much (lucky you!) and watching the video here is REALLY the best way to get as much insight possible.


BONUS: Laney also shared her current process in a downloadable PDF here. This is pretty much gold, as Laney looks over her process every month to see where she can improve, and then works on making her business better…so you are literally getting years of improvements JUST FOR TUNING IN!


As though that wasn’t enough, she also explains why she chooses to automate as much as possible, why a contract is one of the most important investments you can make for your small business, and what she does when potential clients go cold.


Seriously, I could try to type out all of this for you, but it would take me FOREVER. I highly suggest you watch the interview for yourself, download the PDF and then take on that first wedding invitation suite!


Here are a few other awesome resources we mentioned in the interview:


The Contract Shop

The Panic Free Pricing Guide



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