Starting a Business: Why You Should Go For It!

If Lana Dingwall ever chooses to change careers, I might suggest a professional motivational quote bumper sticker and/or office work-space poster maker. Because Lana is HANDS DOWN the most motivating person I know, and you’re about to find out why for yourself.


Lana Dingwall is a business coach. She helps people (women in particular) work on bettering their businesses through tactical strategies targeting issues in marketing, sales, how to attract better customers…the list goes on.


But that’s just the business aspect of things. Her main thing? Lana genuinely wants her clients (and non-clients…pretty much everybody) to live out their dreams.


The difference between Lana and any other business coach though, is that Lana has a way to actually make you believe in yourself and the life you can (will) have.


Seriously, if you’re comfortable being super lazy, spending the entirety of your days sitting on the computer watching live interviews (*winky face*) then power to you, but do NOT watch this replay if you want to remain a lazy-bum. Because I promise you, there will be a fire under your that very same bum the end of this next hour.

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“Why not you?” – Lana Dingwall


But seriously. WHY. NOT. YOU? Lana brought this question up a few times. So, again, why not you? The only difference between you and the person you look up to is a bit of time and effort.


We ALL have to start somewhere.


So, take that one first step. That’s all it takes! One step, followed by another. And another. Start somewhere (anywhere), and the following steps will come more easily. Do not get caught up on being overwhelmed, do not let yourself believe that you need a number of things done BEFORE you start. Just start. Starting somewhere is better than starting out correct.


The interview with Lana was very thought-provoking and got pretty deep (but in a super relatable not-scary way). Not only did Lana share her options on “oversaturated” markets (and why that’s actually a good thing), on the benefits of outsourcing and why people WILL pay you for your work, but also asked YOU, the audience, some really (really) thought-provoking questions about your personal and business life goals.


For example, what would you do if you had no possibility at failing?


If you were guaranteed to be successful, what would YOU do?


Think about it…


I’d love to see some of your answers, so feel free to leave them in the comments below.


If you’re like me and totally fell in love with Lana and feel like you need her in your life, you can catch more of her amazingness by subscribing to her podcast, Changing the Story: Kickass Women in Business. (And you miiiight just find an episode with yours truly right over here!) 


A massive THANK YOU to Lana for taking the time to come on live with us and answering our questions. You can watch the video here if you missed it, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Happy Ever Crafter and check out past interviews from previous Live Interviews.


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