How To: Create Your Own Coloring Pages!

In this interview, Jessie Arnold of @mrs.arnoldsarttoom is here to show you how you can create your very own DIY colouring pages! And honestly, this interview could NOT have come at a better time!!

Check out the video, and then scroll down for my key takeaways and a list of all the resources we mentioned!


  • How to properly map out your design
  • How to fill out any “empty spaces” in your colouring page design
  • The best place to find reference photos
  • Simple tricks you can use to hide any “mistakes” or imperfections in your design
  • AND MORE!!!


  • Use simple easy shapes when building your letters
  • If you need to fill in any empty spots, simple florals, greenery and hearts work great!
  • If you need to draw something you’re less familiar with, Google it!! Even better, search for “clip art” for flat images!
  • If your need to touch up any of your lines, you can use a thin black marker to clean and polish up your design.
  • Adding a grey shadow to your design is an easy way to add dimension to your design! You can also use a white gel pen on darker areas as a highlight.



Download your FREE colouring page artwork from Jessie Arnold!

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  1. I love art but alas no talent. I was absolutely amazed to learn that those who can draw can’t draw everything. I had no idea and I’ve lived 75 years with the wrong assumption. Thank you for educating me. I try to learn something new every day and this was indeed a present.

  2. This was such an inspirational interview/video. Breaking images down to shapes opens up a whole new creative world for me. Thanks to both of you!! Xo

    1. Hey Debra, it’s at the bottom of the post where you put in your name and email. Did you do that step? If so, can you check your spam or promotions folder for the download?

  3. i just watched this! thank you for the freebie! this looks so fun! an excuse for me to use my colored pencils plus i’ll be doing this with my 9-year old! much love to you and jessica. (becca, i love all your videos. they have been so helpful and inspirational. you came into my life at the right time when things were a bit down for me, but these and you have uplifted me and opened my heart and mind artfully. extra love.)

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