I’m pretty experienced with calligraphy/lettering and already know the basics…

Sooo you’ve got the hang of this calligraphy thing already… awesome! ?

Since you’re already all set with the basics, you should check out the interviews I’ve done on YouTube with other calligraphy & lettering artists… they all talk about different topics (some lettering-specific, some creative projects, and some about business!).

Here are a few examples! ??

And leave a comment below and let me know which tutorials or special guests you’d love to see!


  1. I’m totally interested in calligraphy and started the classes. The another life stepped in and so I am collecting all the info so I can restart me on a day of my own!!!!!! Just keep it coming!!!!

  2. I learned the basics with @TheHappyEverCrafter!
    My handwriting had gotten awful…who writes anymore?! So, I wanted to improve it and thought, hmm, calligraphy might be a good way to do that. I’d seen some posts on IG for a book but it didn’t start you at the beginning. So, I went to my friend, YouTube, to search…and there I found Becca. Her personality, insistence that you don’t have to be a creative, practice will teach you and she teaches from the basics. I was hooked. It’s been a year of drills, exploration, and fun with this welcoming #caligrafamily. Thanks Becca and to the creatives who’ve joined in sharing their tips with us…you are truly inspiring and changing lives! ?❤️

    1. I really enjoy calligraphy and I am still learning. I love your videos and I am following your tutorials for quite a long now. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  3. I took the class that just ended
    Signed up for the one in January as well. I make greeting cards and want to incorporate these.

    1. I’ve started the course a couple times and haven’t been able to finish either time due to surgeries. I’ve got the letters down pretty well. I’m hoping ( fingers crossed) nothing will keep me from finishing this time!

  4. I love the classes but still struggle doing bouncing. If it’s on a line I’m fine but can’t work out which to move up and which to move down ?‍♀️ Lol But practice makes perfect. I want to do writing for SVG to make shirts and gifts to hopefully sell

  5. Really pleased that I watched your Tom Ross video. Some key points made, many questions answered and lots to think about. Not quite at the point of setting up a SM following yet but feel better about making a start.

  6. Finding all of this interesting. I have taken a few courses but have become stagnant. Want to find a way to step up my game.

  7. Did the drills. Now moved on to Becca’s Beyond the Drills. Love the classes I love the interviews. No idea where this will take me but right now am enjoying the journey.
    So, all the different uses, viewpoints, ideas, tips are wonderful.

  8. Played with brush pen calligraphy without much success Got on Instagram two months ago and found copperplate basic strokes instruction in various places and loved it!!! I found you on instagram which led me to your videos. Thank you so much!!! Just got your peony cheat sheet and love it?

  9. I struggle with keeping a steady hand, especially when on an extended ornament, like on a lower case “g” or the cross line of a “t”.
    I am really looking forward to the sign class because I am ready for the next step, but am scared to death of messing up, so I don’t do anything instead.
    Thank you!

  10. I singed up and completed both 2019 and 2020 show me your drills courses then beyond the drills and have bought your entire set of workbooks. I make cards and memory books and thought that hand lettering and calligraphy would be a nice way to personalise the things I make…I’ve had friends interested in my work and want to improve it with the opportunity to expand my repertoire of skills. I love all your blog posts, tutorials on you tube and teachable and look forward to learning more skills with you

  11. I just love Calligraphy and spend hours doing it. I am in 8th standard and along with studies I have managed to do Calligraphy atleast for an hour. Your videos and sessions have made my Modern Calligraphy a lot better. Thank You so much Becca….☺️??

  12. Hey, @TheHappyCrafter I have gone through ur videos of basic calligraphy strokes on youtube during this quarantine.Sometimes struggling myself with some of the letters and now I could restart my drills with this cool course “Show me ur drills”.Thank You Becca I immensely love the way u teach and speak in videos.?❤️

  13. .Hi I am living in Europe and therefore get most of my supplies from UK. I am a calligraphy hobbyist and have learned calligraphy from other calligrapher but still wanted to tell you that your drills are very helpful and I love the interviews you are doing. I do very much appreciate that I can still download your free worksheets even though I don’t take your courses. Thanks a lot.

  14. Hi becca may be you know or may be you don’t but i am an Indian so i have to order a lot of stuff from online shops but i like your videos ?like i love those interviews my most favorite is of sabeena karnik and i watches your videos and i love them they are so helpfull and i learned calligraphy from your channel only I can’t afford tombow dual brush pen because in Inda they are hell too much expensive but I can download your free workbooks and worksheets

  15. I know the basics, and have a little expierience, but I stopped practicing for too many years. I’m restarting again and hope to improve my skills. Thank you for your flourishing worksheet and interesting videos!

  16. Its gonna be a year to me on 19 june XD. I would like to learn blending. Like how to blend colours nicely hehe

  17. Thanks you already taught me a lot and initially inspired me to start…been doing basic strokes for 4 months…getting there…practising connections etc…thanks again

  18. I used to love doing calligraphy since i was in elementary school and took a course i my 30’s but I have Muscular Dystrophy so my hand shakes and I can only do a little at a time now. Still trying though 🙏🏻

  19. I have wanted to start a calligraphy or art business for a while, yet I’m not sure yet of my future. I’m pretty good at calligraphy and am interested and working on watercolour.

  20. I actually learned the “old” style of calligraphy (with nibs) over 40 years ago! I still use it occasionally for notes to myself or whatever, and am surprised I still remember how to do it. But I stumbled onto the “modern” calligraphy and thought it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve got a brush marker set and some practice paper (plus your cheat sheet for basics) and look forward to giving it a go. We’ll see how my summer goes as to signing up for your Drills course. But I do want to do that eventually. Thanks so much, Becca, for all you’ve made available!

  21. I enjoyed all three interviews in the example section. The paper quilling woman, Sabeenu was so cool. Beautiful work. Dan was so skilled in his letter placement and the two ladies who talked about growing your clientele were informative as well. I will be sure to check out other individuals. Thanks for sharing these wonderful people and the “gifts”.

  22. Hi Becca,
    Thanks for the additional videos! I have a good bit of calligraphy experience in my past but those skills have gone untouched for at least 10 years. Plus, all my previous experience was with the old school rigid nibs, not with pointed pens and markers. So in reality, I have some knowledge but still a newbie in terms of new skills and practice, practice, practice.

    Thanks for the opportunity to dust off this previous interest! I’ve been very busy dealing with a serious injury, retirement and a couple of moves. But I’ve recently landed in a small new house that I customized, near three beautiful rivers. Creativity awaits! And I hope to channel my interests into some freelance income for my travel jar.


  23. I’m an experienced calligrapher but I am not serious. I’m primarily a card maker & it was the desire to learn bouncy lettering that brought me to your site & the basics of brush lettering.

  24. Although I learned the “traditional” calligraphy years ago using rigid nibs, italic font, I’d never heard of modern calligraphy. So, I signed up for your free intro class a couple of days ago and am going through the beginning modules you’ve posted online. Your videos make learning this craft fun, accessible, and doable for the person with average skill, like me. : ) I’m looking forward to learning all about brush pens so I appreciate your mentors and tips from your interviews with other artists. Thanks so much for this free introduction; I’m sure I’ll want to enroll for more.

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