So you’re a total newbie to calligraphy/lettering…

Thanks for letting me know you’re a beginner! 🙂

Welcome to your new obsession, lol!

I have loooots of beginner tutorials on my YouTube channel, but I put my most popular calligraphy basics video below for you! ??

Did you know that there are basic strokes that create the letters of the alphabet in calligraphy?! Yup! This video covers all the basic strokes and how to use them! In this video I also cover the main, biggest mistake beginners make when learning calligraphy and how to correct it!

You can also find out more about my FREE beginners calligraphy course, Show Me Your Drills, in the video above!

Find it helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know!


      1. Interesting ! My real surname is not Violetta but Corine with 1 n. But I like when you call me Violetta. Where can I get these workbooks, please ?

          1. Thank you for sharing the “what pen is this” guide. It’s very useful for me to understand the what type pens need to use and also basic tutorials are very helpful for practice.
            You can call me Khadeer

          2. Thank you I have ordered some pens so waiting for delivery. Have started practicing with a pencil. Your videos are fabulous you have saved me hours of wasted time.
            Jackie from UK

          3. Hi Becca I saw your vids on yt and it’s really helpful..I don’t have any calligraphy stuff coz I was just starting and I just wanna know the basic stuff first.your so nice in sharing your knowledge about calligraphy hope you continue helping others with your worksheets hope to get a free one too😁✌️

          4. I just wanted to say, I watch a lot of Calligraphers, and you by far have been my number one favorite! Just last night I was watch you chalk calligraphy video, I had my headphone on, fyi -I was in bed , I laughed soo hard and soo loud when you blew the chalk dust ever soo lightly and accidentally spit on your chalk board!! Your face and reaction to that made terrible day a great night! I also woke my husband up from dead sleep. He freaked out, but don’t worry! I apologized for you! 😂😉 I look forward to watching and learning from you the most! Be well Becca, and keep us laughing! You have a beautiful spirit!
            Amy R .
            From Woodlake Ca

          1. Am eager to start practicing to start practicing but I can’t assese to the course on pls kindly help

      2. Thank you for the basic strokes tutorials. I really love to do calligraphy & one day i found your video. Its really helpful for me in this quarantine ?

        1. This video was easy to watch and understand! I can’t wait till the next class comes up which I am registered for. I have always loved calligraphy but didn’t know any basics. I love pens, colour, paper of all sorts and writing. This looks to be a lot of fun!!!??☺☺

      3. This was the first one I watched Videos that was very helpful with teaching me calligraphy and lettering without assuming I have or just which pens to use. Thank

      1. Thanks – your tutorials are awesome. I have tried calligraphy off and on for years. I signed up for your free course, but started having a lot of foot problems that ju ssd’s t led to surgery. I am going to restart the course the course. Your explanations and demos are so clear! Thank you…

    1. This video was made so well. You are so easy to listen to and easily watched. Love the way you give the information without it being drawn out. I look forward to watching and learning from you!
      Practice makes perfect!!!

    2. Thank you. I’m brand new. Staying home because of the pandemic lay-off, and looking for something creative. My husband is a DJ and I would like to eventually be able to use modern calligraphy in his business for weddings. There are so many calligraphy videos on YouTube. I think yours are the best, because of this exact reason. The basic strokes. If I ever want to make money at this, I want to do it right. Thank you very much!

    3. Thank you for my new obession! I’ve just started my journey (your Faux Crash Course Workbook helped me a lot! and have been practiced all day! It helped me to forget about the quarantine.
      Can’t wait for uppercase letters tutorial.
      Love from Polish girl from Italy

      1. Thank you for this video. It helped me tremendously in knowing the basic strokes and the mistakes I was making.

      1. Thank you so much for helping us out!! I really didn’t know what actual calligraphy is!! Thanks so much Becca!! I really appreciate it

    4. Hi Becca it was really helpful when i started calligraphy I never imagined I would get such a good coach and a BFF . Love you loads Becca ❤️

    5. That video was awesome!!! I can’t wait to begin the basic strokes and learn tips and tricks from you. Again, Thank you so much!!!

      1. I’ve taken your Show me your letters course, but still consider myself a newbie. I have more 1,000,000 plus more practice to do.

    1. Very helpful and informative video ..know I know the difference between cursive and calligraphy..Thanks for the video

  1. This is really great video for beginners. Thank you. What kind of marker shall I get. Please not too expensive because Im on SSS.

      1. I have a request , please could you please start your free tutorial before Sept like in July or August because my college is starting from that month & I’ll be extremely busy then , I understand you’re also a busy bee but as you know the situation nowadays lockdown is still on and in Sept it will be normally opened, and the chaos of college life will begin that would be my freshman year.
        I hope you know what I mean.
        I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

        1. There are other challenges and courses going on between now and the start of SMYD, so it’s not possible to start it sooner. Check out Show Me Your Florals, which starts July 25th! There are Creativity Challenges in the Happy Ever Crafters Facebook group as well. 🙂

  2. Wow! Really a lot to learn. I’m a card crafter and I want to learn so I can put my own verse in my cards

    After watching your video I can’t fine where to get the download so I can practice?

  3. Hi Becca!!

    I’m so excited to get started. I already went out and looked for your MVPs in supplies and bought a few to try. I’ve been practising the different strokes while waiting for the course to start! Finding my areas of weakness (transition from down stroke to upstroke) so that I can get some feedback once we begin and start the journey to beautiful lettering!

  4. I’ve thought about calligraphy but never went ahead with it until I came across video unexpectedly. Was not even searching for calligraphy video. This video made things easy to learn and I felt like I can do this.

  5. I did small pens pretty much on my own after signing up for your course late in the last semester. I plan on going thru the big pens on schedule and buying the workbooks on the weekends they’re 1/2 price.

  6. Great tool for getting me started with my new “obsession.” Once I’m engaged in practicing, time passes without me being aware. Thank you for everything you provide via your email links and video tutorials.
    Great job!

    1. Hey Becka!

      I found this video o YouTube before learning about your website. I’ve been watching lots more and I’m amazed at the content you’ve seen created, not just the videos, also your website and your ingenious emails. Hats off!!

  7. Super helpful intro to this type of calligraphy
    I have done other calligraphy since I was in junior high (when the earth was still cooling 😉 ), but this is a different approach.
    Looking forward to starting the course in January.

  8. Hi Becca, Love your you tube channel! And I have downloaded as much from you as possible as I like your down to earth style of teaching.

    I am a newbie to calligraphy and only started 4 months ago. Since then I do try and do it when I can. You see, 6 months ago I had a stroke and couldn’t walk or talk, or even read or write. And I do so love to write neatly and without mistakes. I have been really determined to regain everything and even used primary school worksheets to help me write again suggested by the hospital.

    I used to watch loads of you tube on my I-pad and came upon your channel. I thought if might give me some focus and make me concentrate and help with my shaky hand, Since then I have begun to practice my letters and have become, I believe to be relatively okay. I do this using a pencil which I find easier, but have started to used Crayola felt tips too – even done a xmas present or two. The problem I have is that my hand isn’t as steady as it used to be and I make silly mistakes when I shake (any suggestions to overcome or help with this) and I don’t have the confidence to start new projects – I do eventually though. My 3 girls say my work is great and are impressed..

    I do my calligraphy when I can, I am sometimes too tired, or just having an off day, so I’m not consistent.

    But I would like to say thank you for inspiring me and thanks for making your channel easy to learn from. Sorry for any mistakes .

    1. Very helpful. I love your videos, they are super easy to follow!
      I can’t wait to start Basic challenge on Monday!!!

  9. Hi Becca, I think you’re awesome. Your jokes are corny…make me smile…and your calligraphy is just flat out beautiful. I get caught up watching your videos and not doing the things I should be doing. Yep…you got me hooked.
    I’m enjoying the SMYD sessions….but I’m behind on learning how to post to Facebook or Instagram. Got any quick videos on that? lol

  10. Thank you for all the tips! I have so much information now that I feel quite confident in myself. I just started show me your drills 2020 and I’m slowly but happily working my way through. You’re quite an inspiration!

  11. I am taking your “Show me your drills”. We are in day 4.
    This video just made me giggle with happiness seeing you putting all of the strokes we are learning together. I am so grateful to learn….thank you for all the guidelines, video’s. So thrilled to have found you.

  12. I am not a newbie. I’ve been working at it for about a year. My passion is Copperplate. I seem to have become stagnant. I can’t get the thin lines and flow that I love. Would also love info on flourishing. Thank you for the Flourishing Variations worksheet. Very helpful.

  13. Hi Becca, I already knew this one and a looooot of your other videos on YouTube. I’m part of your current challenge… 😉 By the way: thx for doing all these things!

  14. I just started your course in three days so I’m new and I upset for not check this freebie earlier. I hope I can learn fast and catch-up with you. Thank you for your help♡ You’re amazing person.

    1. Hey Becca , I already saw a couple of videos on your channel on YouTube , it was really helpful and I tried it right away. It was the first time for me to know about calligraphy from your videos , thanks

  15. Hello I follow you in YouTube for a while but just know I found out that you had more.! Lol I love your videos and how nice you are. Xo Ana

  16. My DIL found this video, and we watched it together and did some practicing! Now we are hooked! I never realized that there were basic strokes to learn! That makes it so much easier to understand. I had a brief into to Calligraphy about 55 years ago! We used those old wide metal tip pens, and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Then, I learned that they didn’t work so well for me, a Lefty! Anyway, I gave up and never tried again. Now, I’m going to give it another try, and I BELEIVE I will be successful after viewing some of you tutorials. Now, I’ve ordered all the books, in download format. Thanks.

  17. Hi Becca
    I am already in your basic calligraphy class I love the way u present ur videos. Very clear. And oh ya congratulations on ur engagement. Wish u the best

  18. I am a newbie to this …but yeah…thanks to your free crash course. I think I’ve learnt quiet a bit now. I want to learn more because I realised..I m actually enjoying it.

      1. Thank you Ma’am Becca for this very helpful video. ? It really helped me a lot as a newbie in calligraphy letting. ❤️

  19. Thank you Becc. I’m watching your videos on YouTube. They are very informative. I can see this is just practice. I’m finding it very enjoyable.

  20. I love everything about u! Your teaching skills u not only make it fun but so helpful & easy! I just want to thank u for taking this old lady under your talented & beautiful wings!

  21. I completely love your tutorial and it has inspired me to begin my journey. Having depression and anxiety and doing calligraphy and lettering might go hand in hand.. It is so therapeutic!

  22. I came across you on Youtube and you made it look easy and fun. With the lockdown, I had only my drawing pencils and I got started with the basic strokes and I do like your personality and your gif’s.

  23. I am so glad I found you. I practice my basic strokes all the time. Then my letters, all the time! Pages and pages of the alphabet. I am now connecting letter, thank you to your connections video. This has gotten me through some of my boredom during the stay at home months. Thank you!

  24. Thank you sooo much….I have been learning a lot from your videos lately… they’re just awesome!!! Keep it up….you truly are an inspiration….❤️❤️❤️

  25. I am trying to improve my lettering to apply it to a monthly task handed to me at work which is writing events schedule on a chalkboard with chalk markers.
    I am trying to improve lettering, banners, doodling, etc. to make chalkboard enticing to read.

  26. Becca – thank you for your videos ?
    I took Calligraphy about 30 yrs ago but I used ink and pen never have I ever used what you are using. It’s amazing what a marker or pencil can do.
    This is something “new” I like it!
    Thank you!

    1. Wow, I’ve always been interested in learning calligraphy and learning the basics and knowing what’s important – basic strokes blew my mind. Love it. Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks Becca.

  27. I am Marcela I live in a lovely small town in the South-east of England where at the moment I am in lockdown. I wanted to learn Calligraphy since I first saw your videos (recommended by my niece). I am practicing your drills every day, getting ready for the 29th April and I think I am starting to do a little bit better (no shoulder pain)… Last week I took your Faux Calligraphy Crash Course and I loved it. I have all my supplies and I can’t wait to start the course -2 days to go.

  28. Hey Becca, I am a newbie although I had some training in it about 20 years ago.. looking forward to restarting.

  29. Hi. I am New at calligraphy and by mistake I put a Question via Facebook, I want to know if there is a way for me to get your books etc? Amazon is not much good as it would take weeks and weeks to arrive.and would cost a fortune.. I live in Australia ??

    I am really looking forward to learning calligraphy. I hope you can help me.

    Warm Regards

    Barbara Elliott

  30. Hey Becca, a complete newbie here. I don’t even have any brush pens yet but they are coming. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Hurry up Amazon au I’m itching at the fingertips to get moving. In the meantime I’m saturating my brain with all your great tutorials, facebook, instagram etc. Thanks so much for sharing all the information that you do 🙂

  31. Need to buy brush pens. I like that you tell what and where to buy all the stuff for calligraphy.

  32. Thank you for making these video they really help and I am dying to buy your calligraphy practice book but I live in India and I can’t buy them.

    1. Show Me Your Drills is totally free. And all of the workbooks are digital downloads, so no shipping required. 🙂

  33. thank you very much Becca maam . I am looking forward to meet you on the semester in which I singed up

  34. Thanks so much for all your help. Looking forward to finishing this course and then will do some extra ones after practicing a bit more. Your enthusiasm is extraordinary and really cheers me up. Please keep up the good work and stay safe.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing it with us I really really like your tutorials❤️ and I’m looking forward to learning calligraphy with you?

  36. hi Becca , actually I am a newbie in brush lettering ………… and the biggest problem is that I am a left hander and having problem in brush pen calligraphy………….Please can you post a video on youtube or tell me some tips for improving it………… I will be grateful to you..

  37. I’ve always wanted to do calligraphy and started a few days ago with ink and pens and got in a terrible mess! Then fortunately I found you on utube and had been watching many of your videos. Love your teaching style and professionalism. Signed up and ordered my pens and pad. About to download your workbook for soft pens and start tracing with a pencil before then!


    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world ? Am so motivated now to start learning and eventually apply to my journaling ??

    1. No need to have a Google account. You can register for Show Me Your Drills using any email address.

  39. I am a newbie in Calligraphy and loved your video. I received the booklet What Pen is This and signed up for Show Me Your Drills course starting Fall 2020. As a Cocoa Daisy Fan I was quite excited to sign up for The Happy Ever Crafting Kit and am quite eager to receive it. Thanks again for sharing your talent!

  40. I’m a beginner at calligraphy and found your video very helpful for people like me who are interested in calligraphy and lettering . Thanks to you for such amazing tutorial videos with astonishing way of telling us the basics of calligraphy.?

  41. Thank you for this informative video. I make watercolor cards and I am so excited to add calligraphy to them. I am signed up for the Fall class!!

    1. Pretty well done, Mrs Courtice!!! No time to yawn ??. I like your style of teaching. A lot information… easy to keep. This makes hungry to learn more ?

  42. These videos are amazing.. I’ve learnt alot! These videos are the reason that I’m into this community..
    You might be a wonderful letterer but you’re even better teacher?

  43. Thank you so much for such an informative video. As a beginner this video is very helpful. I will definitely practice this stroke.

  44. I understand the basic strokes (except maybe the comma dot) but I can’t figure out how to keep the angle consistent with any of my letters. Is this something you go over in the SMYD challenge/course?

  45. Hi Becca,
    I wanted to learn calligraphy since a very long time. Finally this summer, due to lock down, I found the time to pursue this hobby. While looking for videos for beginners I found your calligraphy videos. The videos are so simple and clear to understand. I just love them. That’s how I started following you on Youtube and Instagram. You are so damn good…love your work ❤️ ❤️

  46. Totally new to this field,your explanation is simple and easy to follow in theory,now i look forward to the practical.

  47. Thank you for the tutorial. Very informative. I know nothing about this. After watching your video, i really like it. I’m so happy to set a new goal – To learn calligraphy.

  48. In other case someone would pay for your workshop papers and thank you for having them for free!!! All of them are very helpful

  49. Hi! Thank you for this video! It really helps me a lot because I’m just starting in calligraphy. I love the way you explain everything from the beginning till the end of the video.

  50. Aahhh… This video is helpfull.. I used to copy others calligraphy, and I don’t know there’s basic strokes. And so har for me to control in adding pressure and making curves.. Thank you becca! ??

    1. I am very new to calligraphy and am so happy that I came by your videos as they are very detailed and this helps me alot.

  51. Hi Becca! Thank you for this video! So helpful. I really like your explanation. I’m from Tijuana, México ??. My English is not so good but the way you speak make it easy to me to understand.

  52. Hi Becca,
    I’m excited to start your calligraphy class! I’ve always wanted to learn, but have atrocious handwriting so I’ve always been intimidated. According to you, even I can do it, so I’m all in! I’ve been ordering (probably too much) stuff you recommend, but I have a concern/question. I want you to get whatever compensation you get through the affiliate links, but I also only use Amazon Smile so that my purchases will raise money for the animal rescue I donate to. Do you know if I can do both of those things? Jeff Bezos is apparently just scraping by and can’t afford to donate to your charity regardless of the link you use, so he makes us use Smile if we want the purchase to be eligible. I even have an extension on my computer that auto-directs me to Smile whenever I click an Amazon link. If I can’t do both, what can I do to show my appreciation and support you? Everything I’ve signed up for is free (which is incredible, btw, thank you so much)!

  53. Hey Becca,
    Thank you so much for the video on basics. I’m so excited to be here and learn calligraphy. Quick question! I’m not in instagram or Facebook. Is it compulsory to have social media account?

  54. I’ve studied how to do calligraphy and never made the connection till now what the importance of the strokes till now. Thank you for breaking it down. Hopefully now I can actually get this skill down

  55. Thanks Becca , for all your help to all of us . But I just don’t seem to get the hang of even the basic strokes howsoever hard i try . Can u recommend some cheap pens i can use to begin with ?

  56. Hi Becca!! Your video was really inspiring ??. I loved it. But I just wanna clarify should we only use the supplies which you used? I’m asking this coz I live in INDIA and those things are not available here ?. Please let me know…❤️

  57. If you would look at the amount of calligraphy pens, paper, and ink you would think I’ve been using calligraphy for decades however that is NOT the case. In fact your few minute video has sparked more creativity in my basic strokes than any of the two shelves of calligraphy books I have. I have read about basic strokes but I guess it didn’t click that that’s how it works! The different color on each stroke was probably the most helpful thing I’ve seen. I actual did a screen record and slowed it down to see those individual basic strokes and you changed the colors and followed along that way.

    Thank you so much for offering this class. It’s one I’m super excited to complete!

  58. Wow Becca, the basic stroke video was an eye opener for me. Just watching you put those strokes together to construct letters and then words was so helpful for me as a complete newbie. I realize now that constant and diligent practice is so essential to learning this beautiful way of writing. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the class in September! ?

  59. WOW, I have a loooong road ahead of me. Well…. guess I better get started?I am looking forward to this journey and hope I have a great story(ies) to tell in the end. Thanks for all the freebies.

  60. Ur videos are really helpful to improve my skills.. That I’m interested in calligraphy but i don’t know how to write it.. But one day i saw ur YouTube channel it was very useful and helped me to do calligraphy by my own…

  61. Thank you Becca, you explain every detail clearly. I have enjoyed practising but feel I should try to do it everyday! I have purchased a few different calligraphy pens but would like to master it with an ink pen really. It is having to remember the joining methods as I naturally go to join as in my handwriting. I would love to be more confident to to write stylish/neat messages on my handmade cards. I think that I have watched most of your videos now and find myself keep going back to some too!

  62. Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to do show me your drills. Always wanted to learn and now I feel like I can. The way you explain it is great! ?

  63. Hi,
    The basic stroke video was the first video i saw when i wanted to know more of calligraphy and it was really amazing that i started trying all the basic strokes and now i am eagerly waiting to attend your fall classes.
    Too excited!
    The videos were too good. Love them!

  64. I’ve been toying with getting into calligraphy (like I need another craft) and your videos and calm voice have sold me. I’m ready to jump in!

  65. I’ve been in love with letters for ages but I never really had time or resources to start anything like this before. I feel like I wasted enough time, I decided to finally go for it and get more involved with calligraphy.
    I watched few of your videos so far and I’m super excited and pumped, I feel thirst for knowledge! I want mooooooore!! 😀
    Thank you for the equipment guide tho.
    I’m definitely signing up for your course, peace!

  66. Hey Becca, hey friends! Today during my work lunch break Im walking to my Art Supplys store in my little town to see if they stock a Tombow Brush Pen and ….Ive already forgotten the name of the paper with the Grid BUT ill write it down so I can start on learning Basic Strokes. I did Calligraphy in Year 7 and was SO excited to learn it back in the day, BUT being a 33yo Looking back it was basically just being tought cursive running writing but with a Chisel black pen. And my handwriting was horrible so I sucked and my Dreams died on my crappy grid paper in 1998. 🙁 BUT now I have hope and a new fire of excitement to be learning it properly and to be apart of a great online community 🙂 thanks for having me

  67. hey, I hope u r having a great day . I am a newbie to calligraphy and so I am really nervous to start this course. What if I am not that great at it … Coz I really want to learn Calligraphy. although I have registered for the upcoming course, it’s just that I really dont know if I’ll be able to learn it.
    Also I wanted to ask is it necessary to have an fb account while undergoing the course coz I ust have an instagram account..

  68. I just love the neat calligraphy. I do lots of paper craft so after l learn thru your challenge i will use it in my greeting cards. I want to learn. thanks for your good teaching. please just call me Jo. (in Australia).

  69. Hi Becca,
    I thought I knew something about calligraphy so I responded to your request for info by clicking ‘already know something…like I’m not a true beginner…but hey, honestly…I know nothing!
    I have watched your videos and done the faux crash course as part of the HQ sessions. Awesome. I am also looking forward to Sept 28th when I hope to ‘get stuck in’ too! Thank you sooo much for everything so far. You’re the best!
    Cheers..Neekeh x

  70. Becca, I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am. I’m 62 yrs old and I can remember back in high school “EONS” ago wanting to do calligraphy. But life happens and you put your dreams on the back burner bcuz you have kids, husband, work you name it. Fast forward to today I’m divorced, the kids are all gone and now thank the Lord and you, Becca, my dream will come true. Good luck everyone.Yeah??
    Liz Oliveros

  71. Thanks, I’m really looking forward to this basic course but I’d also like to know,….where can I see your other / more advanced Calligraphy courses and discounts?

  72. I don’t know how I get to your YT channel like 1 year ago ( and start getting inspired to learn, even my terrible handwritting) and that exact video is the one that make me get sign in smyd.. can’t wait to start monday

  73. So I just realized I have actually watched that video, along with quite a few others of yours numerous times over the last year that I have been playing around, trying to learn calligraphy and hand lettering. I had a cyst in my wrist up until yesterday when I finally had it surgically removed which has made daily and at times even weekly practice very hard to do so even though it’s been a little over a year since I started this journey, I still consider myself fairly new at it. I also have a very low income and can’t afford the proper materials (the majority of my stuff has come from dollar general lol). I did just purchase my first holder and nib a few weeks back and that’s been an interesting experience ?. I have a very hard time with it and with the brush lettering so most of what I have done has been faux calligraphy with gel pens. I was about 6 months in when I came across your video about cursive and calligraphy and realized I had been doing the cursive. So thank you so very much for that video, it has made a huge difference in my work/practice. Anyway, sorry for all the rambling. I really just wanted to say thank you for the pen/tools download guide and the email and videos. Free is my best friend atm so that is always welcome. Especially any free tips, criticism and advice!! You create beautiful work and are so knowledgeable so it is a great pleasure to be here. Ok, I’m stopping now.

  74. as u know am just a beginner for calligraphy ..and this video is very use full for me and also thank u for your video and the worksheet .. am so passionate for calligraphy I wanna become one of you
    best calligraphers …so thank u for your tutorial

  75. Well that was ENLIGHTENING and makes writing WAY easier! I have had my own way of doing things just because it’s fun and relaxing for me but this has got my wheels turning!

  76. Loved this video! Awesome info, very informative! I had seen many post (many different websites) about how you can use Crayola markers to practice calligraphy but I noticed you used different ones. I wondered if you have used those and what your thoughts were? Will they work, hoping so since I already bought them, lol! Looking forward to doing the challenge and being able to do my own lettering for my projects!

  77. Thank you,I don’t know that I have to start with this.whatever I am doing in my mind , thank you for your guidance ? and I am not good at speaking English? , sorry if there is any mistake

  78. Thanks so much for the video. It is very helpful as a beginner learning basic strokes. Looking forward in learning more in calligraphy.

  79. Thank you for your warm welcome. Your tutorials are great, very useful and fun to watch. I am looking forward to learning calligraphy from your experience and expertise.

    1. We are so very interested in your modern calligraphy! We are learning together and love your tutorials!

  80. Hello! I discovered your channel earlier this year and it has been a great help in unlocking artistic skills I wasn’t sure I had! Around 2 years ago, I began to start these mini “personal projects” for my friends’ birthdays (which is really when my love for DIY crafting really sunk in :3). It has been really fun and sparked my interest in learning more things, including writing beautifully in different sorts of fonts (that I now know as Calligraphy, ey xD).

    I was also pleasantly surprised that you also do doodles and stuff on your YouTube channel. You’re an inspiration, really ^^. Thank you so much ^~^.

  81. Thank you, Becca. I’ve been interested in modern calligraphy for a while to incorporate it into arts and crafts projects that I do with my learning-disabled sister. Your videos were recommended to me, and your teaching style and knowledge-sharing have inspired me to get started. I’m going to try your faux calligraphy course and hope to move onto show me your drills. Thank you!

  82. This sounds crazy but I struggle with proper inks, papers and pen points or other tools for envelope lettering, etc. I owned a successful sign business, doing lettering and logo designs, using paints & vinyls. I “fake” my way through small calligraphy ‘pen & ink’ jobs. Most jobs have been a one of a kind and/or creative art. As a retiree, I’d like to learn simple things for envelope lettering without investing a ton of money into paper and pens to find what is compatible. Your lettering template tool is a great suggestion. I’ve already been practicing with one that I have. Proper line spacing, envelope positioning, etc. are an interest to me.

  83. Because of being in lock down I wanted a hobby.. came across your videos and fell in love with Calligraphy. I love your videos, they are very helpful, you are a great teacher. I am from Newfoundland.

  84. Hello! I once received a beautiful dip pen set, can I learn to use it with this course does that require a different technique?

  85. I can’t wait to start practicing. I’ve been interested for awhile and I’m excited I saw your presentation at Organized HQ Summit 2022.

  86. Drear Becca, Thank you sooo much for your videos. I am a beginner, but I’m so sooo enthusiastic. 😍 have a nice day! ☀️🌈🦋❤️🌺

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