I already have a calligraphy/lettering business….

So awesome!! I hope your biz is KILLIN it!

… but I know as a small business you’re constantly learning things, too. So I’ve got 3 things for you!

1. A bunch of helpful interviews I’ve done with other guests.

Some of these are mini-lessons about lettering/calligraphy, but there are a bunch that are specifically business-related. Like this one from Tom Ross and Mike Janda! ??

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2. A full course about pricing your work.

It’s called Panic-Free Pricing and it’s a full course (including a 118-page PDF with aaaactual price lists for different lettering/calligraphy projects) about understanding how to price your work and make a living doing lettering & calligraphy.

Find it here.

3. A FREE workshop called “Five Keys to Confident Pricing” to help you kick things off.

This series is with Joanne Lauzon– she’s the one who taught ME what I know! ?

Find it here or click below!

free calligraphy pricing workshop


  1. I’m obsessed with you and plan on sponging up every bit of wisdom you are willing to give. ? I just recently found you, but it seems that anything anyone has ever asked me to make for them is something you made popular!!! (Besides the BYOBeerbongs I just made… those were pretty original?). But yeah, your style is 100% what I ?????, so yeah…. you’re my #currentobsesh

  2. I liked all the videos thus far.Thomqs and Lane we so different but so incredible’ I like how Lqne was talking about loving the craft and being paid to do something you love’ I don.t think 8 would ever get good enough to price my work but who knows right? More will be reveled after 9/28/2020.

  3. Watched the interview of Suzanne Cunningham. I’m really more or less retired now, but worked as a lettering artist for American Greetings for over a decade followed by another dozen years as an independent font designer. Formal pointed pen work was not something I did much at American Greetings. I’m studying it on my own just for fun now and the interviews and such you post like Suzanne’s are quite informative. Thanks.

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