How To Start A Bullet Journal – Part 2: The Monthly Spread

2021 is *finally* here, and it’s a great time to set up a bullet journal! I’ve been playing around with different layouts for years, and here I’m going to show you my favourite monthly layout.

In part 1, I showed you my favourite yearly layout for bullet journals, and now I’m going to show you my monthly spread.

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First Things First…

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Tools Mentioned

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to skip right to the video and see these in real-time! ??

Step 1: Measure and create your header

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a lot of different layouts and this is the one I love the best.

Step 2: Create sections for each day of the month

Using your highlighter, separate the days so you can easily see the distinction. Then, add a black line on the sides to help differentiate between the day of the week and the number of the day.

As you can see, the number is the date and the letter next to it stands for the day of the week.

Step 3: Migrate over items from your yearly log

You can then refer back to your yearly spread, and start moving things over into your monthly layout.

The reason I put multiple lines in for each is so I can fit more appointments on the same day. Totally a personal preference!

And that’s a wrap!

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  1. My favorite month is probably May. It’s not too hot yet and flowers are starting to bloom. It feels like a fresh beginning. 🙂

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