How To Know If You’re Ready To Sell Your Work

I’m sharing the opinions from over 20 professional artists!

How are you ever supposed to know if you’re good enough to start profiting from your work? Since the answer isn’t black and white, I asked 23 of my incredibly talented artist friends to answer this question: “How do you know if you’re good enough to sell your work?”

First Things First…

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Artists Mentioned

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So when are you ready to start selling your work? The unanimous answer is that there isn’t one…

“If you’re ready to put your art out there, someone is ready to buy it.”

“Show up every single day.”

“People love what you do because it’s unique and it’s you.”

“If people buy it, you go with it. If they don’t you start over.”

“You need to be confident in yourself.”

“Your art is probably never going to be perfect because it’s handmade.”

“Just start, keep creating and keep sharing.”

“You can’t let the fear stop you.”

“Being good enough is relative.”

“There is no sudden magic moment of being good enough. Just keep getting better and better.”

“…When you begin to listen to your audience.”

“When you start to understand that it’s about the consumer, not about you.”

“It’s never too early to start selling your work.”

“Confidence! How much confidence do you have about what you’re sharing?”

And that’s a wrap!

Whether you agree or disagree with any of the sentiments these talented artists shared, I hope at least one of them sparked some excitement! You’ll know to do what’s right for you ?.

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