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How to Get Started with Calligraphy

Did you know I have tooooooons of beginner calligraphy videos on my YouTube Channel? 

Yeah – like a TON. 

And I realized recently that I don’t have a single one called “How to Get Started with Calligraphy.”

How did that even happen?!

Anyway, it’s happening now.

Rather watch than read? No problem! You can watch and listen in real-time by clicking the video below! 

Here are the exact steps I recommend to learning calligraphy:

Step 1: Admit you want to learn calligraphy. 

And you’re here, which means you’ve already acknowledged you want to learn. CHECK! 

Step 2: Sign up for my FREE basic calligraphy course! 

Seriously. It’s that simple. 

To date I’ve taught over 250,000 calligraphy students through this course! 

This course teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know – all in one place. 

Not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty amazing. 

I could sit here and tell you all the actual steps to learning calligraphy and then let you go scour the internet to put it all together piece by piece. 

But instead, I have a free beginners basics course that has it all. 

My course is called Show Me Your Drills. 

Once you enroll, you’ll get a login to your own personal portal. Inside is everything you need for the course. 

Supply videos that explain each supply you’ll need…

A full supplies guide that details how to find the right supplies for you (so you don’t go spend hundreds and hundred of dollars on the wrong stuff)… 

A full downloaded and printable calligraphy workbook with traceable sections…

Over 20 instructional videos…

Access to a private Facebook group full of an incredibly encouraging and helpful community…


When I wanted to learn calligraphy back in 2015, there were two options. 

Option 1: Spend A LOT of money on a really in-depth calligraphy course OR 

Option 2: Piecing little bits of information together from all over the internet trying to figure it out. 

I really wanted something straight forward that would tell me what to do, tell what I need, and then let me play around with it to see if it’s something that really interests me before I spent a bunch of money. It didn’t exist….

So I created it with Show Me Your Drills. I’ve taught this course nine times now over the years and just keep refining it, adding more resources, and making it what I wish I had when I started. 

And again, it’s FREE. 

If you’re serious about learning calligraphy, you can learn more and sign up for Show Me Your Drills at

I hope to see you there! 

You can enroll at

And finally, your dad joke…

I drove by a store with a trampoline sale.
…so I just jumped on it.


  1. Hi Becca. I absolutely fucking LOVE what you are doing. I love your story, I love that you quit your corporate job (are you actually full time teaching calligraphy?!) and I love that you’re offering a totally loaded course completely for free. And I just love the overall authenticity of you / your brand. Thank you so much for taking the leap and deciding to share what you love with the world. How truly amazing…

    I quit my soul-sucking corporate accounting job in NYC 5 years ago and it’s the best decision I ever made. I’m now a professional acrobat and life coach based in Italy. So seeing people go for it simply doing what they love, LIGHTS ME UPPPP!

    I’m all signed up for the free course and just waiting for the first email to come through. Really can’t tell you how excited I am. Pumped to get to know you / your teachings :).

    Looking forward!


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