How To Easily Add Floral Doodles To Your Work

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Whenever I post my calligraphy work where I add any floral doodles, I get asked:

“How can I learn to draw florals like that?”

Well, unfortunately my real answer is that I taught myself. When I realized I wanted to learn how to add florals to my work, I just started observing: watching others who add florals, picking bits and pieces I liked, and practicing drawing them myself. (This does not mean drawing the same designs, posting them online and taking them as my own- for the record!). Then once I’d made a compilation of pieces I’d liked, and I’d played around with them enough that I could rearrange them into different configurations and use them in my work, I had created a grouping of go-to doodles that I use frequently.

Here are some examples of floral doodles in my own work:

I’m happy to share my “go to” doodles with you! Please note that like I said- the best way to learn is to explore and see what you like in a composition. I would suggest trying out as many different types of floral doodles as you can, and coming up with your own standard set! I hope simply that these will inspire you to get started!

For these explanations in the demo video, I will be using Rhodia blank paper, Tombow Mono Drawing Pens and a Tombow Brush Pen.

What’s important about trying these floral doodles yourself is to allow yourself room to experiment! Prefer your rose to be smaller? Be my guest! Want to add some extra leaves and vines? Go nuts!

The idea is to start trying it and learn what works best for you.

I hope you enjoy it- and don’t forget to grab the free worksheets at the bottom of this post!

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  1. Love these doodles. Thanks so much for the free worksheets. I look forward to playing with them and figuring out what works well for me. I will enjoy adding these to my calligraphy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thank you for the demonstration and the worksheet. I have been watching several of your videos and interviews the last few days and have learned so much. You are so generous to share all this great information

  3. My problem is I try to be so perfect even when doodling. Lol
    Thank you for teaching us and sharing examples to practice. 🙂

  4. I lobe this ♥, you give me a lots of ideas. Your pictures of floral doodle was inspired me. I will try how to make a floral doodle like you.

  5. Taking a break from practicing minuscule letters and decided to watch several of your videos. You are so talented and generous sharing your work with others. I am looking forward to trying floral doodling.

    1. Great! You can enter your email at the bottom of the post, and the worksheet will be sent to you! 🙂

  6. Ready to decorate my calligraphy after 2 x ‘Show me your Drills’ – I feel more confident thanks to you Becca and I have really enjoyed learning and practicing. My friends love receiving mail that I have addressed to them using my new found skills. (I’m seriously considering holding a Calligraphy Workshop here in Brisbane Australia and have watched your videos and taken on board what your guest presenters suggest. Thanks again Becca. I enjoy everything you share with us.

  7. These are gorgeous. So how does Becca go about it ? Does she maintain a diary of her favourite go to doodles or is it muscle memory, that they just come to you.

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