Get Clients From Instagram With These 5 Tips!

In this interview, I chat with return guest Laney Schenk about how YOU can get clients from Instagram!

Check out the video to find out what all 5 tips are, and then scroll down for my key takeaways and a list of all the resources we mentioned! (Seriously, you’ll want to check them out!)


  • The importance of using a “call to action”, what a “call to action” even means AND what kind of “call to action” you should be using!
  • Why you should “remind” your followers of your offerings consistently
  • Why you should be sharing your behind the scenes process
  • How to tell stories for maximum impact
  • Everything you need to know about tags…


  1. Always include a call to action! You should have a call to action on 75% of your posts.
  2. What might seem obvious to you, might not be to someone else. So give them a reminder of what you do and offer!
  3. “End result” photos can be nice to look at, but people often want to see the “behind the scenes” photos, too! Doing so will showcase your skills, expertise and shows how hard you work during the process (which helps them understand your value!)
  4. ALWAYS USE TAGS. hashtags, geotags and regular tags are all very important to help you reach your target clients!


  • Find Laney on Instagram @designbylaney and check out her website here!
  • For Laney’s free masterclass for getting more clients using the platforms you’re already on, check it out here!
  • Check out The Client Bundle and get Laney’s resources for getting more clients here.
  • Watch Laney’s past interviews: for a tutorial on addressing envelopes check it out here, and for a tutorial for Pinterest Scheduling of Instagram Posts, click here.
  • Check out Laney’s blog post, 13 Photos from One Suite!

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