6 Tips For Getting Out Of A Creative Rut


Chelsea Lundy is a finger painter. No, I’m not talking about the kind of finger painting you did as a kid, Chelsea is a DIGITAL finger painter!

Yup, Chelsea of Chels Draws You creates all of her portraits using only her finger, her phone and an app!

When Chelsea realized that she was good at drawing on her phone using her finger (a skill she realized while testing out apps with the intention of buying an iPad and stylus), she started an instagram account to share her new hobby!

After receiving positive feedback from the celebrities she drew and posting their photos, Chelsea’s following grew really quickly. So much so, that she now creates her finger paintings FULL TIME!

But often times turning your passion into a side hustle OR career can have some negative effects. One of the most common ones: creative ruts.

ANYONE can find themselves in a creative rut. But there are ways you can try to get out of one!

Watch Chelsea and my chat about what methods we have both used to help get ourselves out of creative ruts!

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6 Tips For Getting Out of a Creative Rut:


Force Yourself to Disconnect

Because Chelsea’s work requires her to be on her phone literally ALL day, her biggest trick is that she turns it on “airplane mode”. That way she is not distracted by phone calls or texts!

Other tips include:

  • Force yourself to turn your phone off completely
  • Go to the store, for a walk or to the movies (or something else you enjoy) without bringing your phone with you
  • “Do more of what makes you forget to check your phone.”

Do Something Completely Different and/or New

Trying something new is a fun way of using a different part of your brain and might help you in ways you didn’t think!

  • Try being creative with a new art form or tools
  • Learn a new skill that forces you to feel like a beginner again! (This can help take the pressure to create something “perfect” away completely!)

Get Out in Nature and/or Exercise

  • MOVE YOUR BODY! Not only is exercise good for your body, it has great effects on your mind
  • Meditate! (I’ve been meditating for a few years and it has become one of my biggest stress relievers. Give it a try!)
  • Get out of the house and breath some fresh air
  • Try yoga

Let Yourself Be In the Rut

This seems a little counterintuitive but it’s worked for me! Sometimes the harder you push, the further you’ll fall into the rut. So let yourself feel the feels! Life is about balance, and if your mind is telling you to give it a rest, give it a rest!


Get Inspired on Other Platforms

One thing that helps Chelsea find inspiration is scrolling through Pinterest!


Make Yourself Accountable

Accountability can be a way to sort of FORCE yourself to work. If you told your followers that you would be releasing a new product in your shop or that you will be revealing a new art piece in a few days, forces you to stay accountable and GET IT DONE! Public deadlines, in my opinion, are a great motivator!

Thanks so much Chelsea for taking the time to chat with me and sharing some really great tips on this topic!

Make sure to give Chelsea a follow on her Instagram account @chelsdrawsyou! And if you want more information about her custom artwork (seriously, they make AWESOME wedding/birthday/Christmas gifts!!!), you can find her contact information on her website.



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