How To Do Calligraphy Engraving For Beginners


If you’ve ever found yourself looking for information, tips or tutorials on the topic of calligraphy engraving online, you miiight have had a hard time…there just isn’t that much info available!

That’s why I am so excited for my interview with Carla Hagan. Carla is the calligrapher behind Carla Hagan Designs (@carlahagan_designs on Instagram) and she is the QUEEN of calligraphy engraving.

In the video below, Carla walks us through the basics of taking your calligraphy or lettering skills and applying them to engraving!

Carla tells us about what doing engraving for a living looks like, what types of clients she works with, how she charges, and takes us step-by-step through the process of engraving on a few different surfaces.

Watch the video below (or here) or read on for a recap!




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Use your Stabilo All Pencil and write your outline on the glass.

TIP: You can transfer your design using saral transfer paper and a pencil




Apply Rub & Buff with a brush.


Wipe (or buff) away the excess product.


Remember that using an engraving pen will be difficult at first, but like anything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll be!

Carla suggest that you start off engraving on surfaces that are flat, such as flat glass bottles.

Once you’ve worked on flat surfaces for a while, you can move onto curved items.


Things to remember:

  • You want the tool to rotate clockwise
  • The best tool (micromoter) rotates 30,000 rotations per minute
  • Always plan your layout before you engrave!



When Carla works on site, she charges $125 (USD) per hour. That means working on-site in a store or event with all of her tools in hand.

When it comes to corporate jobs, Carla will price based on the complexity of the project and the time required to complete it.

Remember that you are providing a unique service which means you can price accordingly.


If you’re interested in taking one of Carla’s in-person engraving workshops you can check out her website for more details. She’s traveling all over the states and even some cities in Canada!

Her workshops cover everything you need to know AND provides all the tools you need to continue your new skills, including your very own drill!!

If you’re unable to attend one of Carla’s in-person workshops, she will be teaching on Skillshare soon, too!


Thanks so much for this very exciting lesson Carla! I know that finding information on engraving is hard to come by, so we appreciate you taking the time to come chat with us!!


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