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5 Strategies To Book More Clients

with Laney Schenk and Carley Zuercher

Looking to get more clients? Wanna sell more products? I’d like to introduce you to Laney and Carley, the incredible duo behind The Client Bundle. In my interview with them, they shared FIVE actionable, quick-hitting strategies to get more clients and sell more products. 

First Things First… Meet Carley and Laney. 

Carley Zuercher and Laney Schenk are great friends who own a business together. Carley focuses on wedding invitation design as well as helping Etsy shop owners sell to more than just their friends and families. Laney is an invitation designer and business coach who helps business owners make more money. 

I asked them to share their top five strategies/marketing tips to help business owners get more clients. And they are SO good.

I highly recommend checking out the full video, but if you’d rather read than watch, check out the five tips below.

Tip Number 1: Talk to One Person

This applies to any platform. You want to talk to just one person and solve that one person’s problem. Hone in on your messaging and convey your value to that one person. You want them to say “I have to hire HER because she’s the best fit for me.”

Don’t try to appeal to every single person. If you try to talk to everyone – even if your messaging reaches more people – your message will be so generic. It won’t resonate with anyone as strongly. 

If it helps, create a character on who your client is (the one person you’re talking to). What’s their name? What do they look like? What kind of problem can you solve for them? Etc. 

Hack: In your posts/stories/emails/etc., just say “hi.” Don’t say “hi, guys” or “hi, everyone.” When you just say “hi,” it makes you feel connected to them. Talking directly to just one person makes it feel like an actual conversation.

Tip Number 2: Focus on One or Two Platforms

You can’t be good at every single platform at the same time. Start with just one or two, get really good at it/them, and then move on to other things. You will get better results when you can put all of your energy into one thing (both in the short-term and the long-term). Focusing on everything a little bit can lead to burnout. 

You can be successful doing anything – Etsy, YouTube, Instagram, networking/word of mouth, Pinterest. You don’t have to be successful at every single one of them to be successful. Once you establish one or two platforms really well, they can operate on autopilot while you go focus and learn somewhere else.

Tip Number 3: Reuse Your Content

It can be so easy to reuse your content. It will make your life easier, help you avoid burnout, and save a ton of time. There are so many ways to reuse your content. To name a few: 

  • Pin your Etsy listing or Instagram post
  • Write a blog post based on a YouTube video or podcast episode
  • Write a newsletter based on a blog post
  • Post a TikTok as an Instagram Reel

Reuse your content across all of your platforms and expand your reach. When you’re creating new content, keep its resume in mind. Get square, vertical, and horizontal photos, so the photos can work across platforms for you. This doesn’t add much work but then you always have the photo shapes you need. 

Reusing content will also help you reach different kinds of clients. People who aren’t on one platform can be reached on other platforms. If you’re not sure what platform you want to reach, think about the audience. Facebook has an older audience. TikTok has a younger audience. Instagram is somewhere in the middle. People are on each platform for different reasons, so reusing content in different methods will help you reach more people.

Tip Number 4: Know the Right Numbers

Don’t focus on the vanity metrics on the various platforms. 1000 views may not seem like a ton, but it can be amazing if those 1000 views are from 1000 people who don’t know who you are. 

Laney mentioned that her most popular photo on Instagram is something she’s never actually sold. Certain items/colours/concepts have great engagement but are very rarely actually sold.

Focus on how people are actually buying your products. A “like” holds no commitment whatsoever. When looking at your insights, don’t focus on likes. People don’t purchase products with likes. Instead, focus on shares, saves, emails sent, website clicks – a lot more effort and a lot more commitment go into those actions. Those actions are valuable

Vanity metrics don’t mean anything if you’re not selling anything. Link clicks. Saves. Conversion rates on Etsy. These are the metrics that mean something. 

You will feel better if you stop worrying about the vanity metrics. 

Metrics can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. For example, you can look at your metrics to see that your Pinterest photo is getting clicks to your Etsy shop. However, once they’re in your Etsy shop, they’re not actually buying anything. Something about the listing isn’t making them want to buy. What’s the disconnect here? Use your metrics to help you improve. 

Hack: On Pinterest, make sure the things you pin are YOUR work. If you have 600k views but all your pins are of other people’s work, you’re giving your competitors free marketing. It’s better to have 100k views of your work than 600k of someone else’s. You want those views, those clicks to be on your products. Don’t focus on metrics that don’t help you sell – you can’t sell from views on Pinterest (you need link clicks).

Tip Number 5: Always Assume the Best

It can be easy to assume the worst and have self doubt. This product or service is too much money, they’ll never say yes, etc. If you go into a situation assuming the worst, you’re going to take actions differently. You might say things or use different words that will cause them to spend less money. You might think – oh they’re not going to buy this, so let’s show them a cheaper option. If they tell you it’s out of budget, THEN you can show them a cheaper option. But don’t start that way. You’d never know if they would have spent more if you start low. And then you’ll just keep doubting yourself. 

This goes for posting too. Don’t go into a post or product listing with negative energy or assuming the worst. If something isn’t selling well, like on Etsy, we have all this negative energy. Yes, someone will always charge less, but if you go into it with negative energy, then you’re not going to try as hard. 

Always have confidence in your pricing. Reinforce positive small changes you make. For example: You make a confident decision and stick to it. And then you attract a good client. And then you feel more confident about the new client. And then you get more clients because you’re so confident, and new clients can see that. It’s a cycle! Don’t keep reinforcing the bad stuff.

SO GOOD, right?!

I asked Laney and Carley to tell me about their product – The Client Bundle. The Client Bundle includes ebooks for seven different platforms (their strategies work on lots of different platforms). The platforms include: Instagram, Pinterest, Networking, Branding, SEO, Facebook, and Etsy!

The Client Bundle has also turned into this great membership community (that you don’t actually have to pay a membership for). Laney and Carley go live every month on a topic related to getting new clients. They’re even planning a virtual retreat (Master Your Marketing) for the end of March 2021 with different speakers and various topics (Tik Toks, lead generation, etc.).

Who is The Client Bundle perfect for? 

The Client Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their presence. Laney and Carley are really good at different things, and we’re able to offer great insight on multiple platforms because of it. We can help you choose what path may work best for you. There’s no “one way” to be successful. It doesn’t matter what you sell – there’s something in The Client Bundle for you to help you be successful. Artists, calligraphers, wedding planners – it’s a great product for creative business owners. – Laney and Carley

And that’s a wrap!

If you’d like more information on The Client Bundle, check out!

If you’d like to connect with Laney, you can follow her @designbylaney on Instagram or visit her website here!

If you’d like to connect with Carley, you can follow her @carleyzuercher on Instagram or visit her website here!

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