Beginner’s Guide To Doing Calligraphy With A Sharpie

Ready to learn modern calligraphy with a sharpie!? In this beginner’s guide to doing calligraphy with a sharpie, I’m going to show you how to get started with sharpie calligraphy!

Throughout this guide, I reference the basic calligraphy strokes, so if you aren’t familiar with the modern calligraphy basics, please watch this video first!

First Things First…

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Now let’s get started!

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to skip right to the video and see these in real-time! ??

Step 1: Write out the word.

The number one rule of modern calligraphy states that an upward stroke is a light line up, and a downward stroke is a heavy line down. (as seen above with the green brush pen). Working with a sharpie is often called faux calligraphy because we must accurately replicate the work of a brush pen!

Step 2: Thicken the downstrokes.

Think about where your sharpie moved up and where it moved down.

Mimicking the strokes of a brush pen, fill in the thicker parts.

Now go ahead and try a word!

This is a technique I would use on surfaces where I can’t use a brush pen, like mirrors, windows, chalkboards, etc.

And that’s it!

Ready for more practice with tools that are less expensive? Check out this video, where I talk about doing calligraphy with Crayola markers!

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