How to Draw Banners

In this video, I’m going to show you the exact steps for drawing the perfect banners to use in your artwork. Looking for a more advanced tutorial? Check out this one here. And don’t forget to download the FREE worksheet at the bottom of this tutorial!

You’ll learn:

  • How to draw a straight banner
  • How to draw a curved banner
  • How to draw a wavy banner
  • How to embellish your banners

First Things First…

Tools Mentioned

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Now let’s get started!

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to skip right to the video and see these in real-time! ??

So how do you nail the perfect banner? It starts with the three basic ones.

Layer on a sheet of marker paper over a sheet of Rhodia graph paper.

It helps keep the lines straight! A ruler works perfectly fine as well.

Note: You’ll see I use different coloured Tombow TwinTone markers, but you can really use any brand, even a pencil. I’m just using different colours to help differentiate a few of the steps in this tutorial.

Straight Banners

Step 1: Draw two parallel lines

Step 2: Close off the ends

Step 3: Draw two sets of parallel lines coming off the rectangle

Step 4: Add the angles edges and close off the shapes

Step 5: Add angled connection

A slight variation with the folds going a different direction…

Curved Banners

Note: Keep the curves to a minimum to avoid your banner looking awkward.

Step 1: Draw dots in the three spots where your curved line will be and connect it

Repeat Steps 1-5 of the straight banner

Wavy Banners

Step 1: Draw your first two parallel lines in a wavy fashion

Step 2: Close off the ends (see step 2, straight banners above)

Step 3: Draw two sets of parallel lines coming off the rectangle but on opposite sides this time

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 of the straight banner, above

And for some fancy variation…

And repeat Steps 2-5 of the straight banner above, once more!

Extra Embellishments Time!

How about some evenly spaced lines on those straight banner?
Or, just fill in those under parts with black.
Another option – some nicely spaced dotted lines, only on the horizontal edges.
And following the curves, you could add in some different length lines as shading.
And finally, a little bit of both on our fancy wavy banner. Notice how the dotted line curves a little with the curved line? Pro hack right there!

And that’s a wrap!

Get my free downloadable worksheet to reference while drawing your banners:

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    Thank you so much for your tutorials! Love them!! Now I know how to do
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