Have you ever asked someone to give you a hand with something only to realize you probablyyy should have thought it through a bit more?

Well that’s what happened when I asked Mabz of Chalked by Mabz to interview ME for a “ask anything” segment…and boy, did she ever ask me anything!

Don’t believe me? Check the interview out for yourself!!


Some business-related things like:

  • What apps I use to edit my Instagram photos with
  • Where my business name “The Happy Ever Crafter” came from
  • The things I do to (try to) have work-life balance
  • Why and when I left my job to pursue The Happy Ever Crafter full-time
  • My favourite business book

AND the answers to more uncommon interview questions such as:

  • How I drink my coffee
  • What kind of socks I wear
  • How I became a cat person
  • How I met #PoorRyan
  • What I put on a hot dog
  • If I face towards or away from the shower
  • and sooo many more really, really random things…


  1. Put out (and post about) the kind of work you want to do!
  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out you a local artist you admire in your area… you never know what kind of friendship it might lead to.
  3. On a scale of 1-10, Mabz is an 11.


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