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6 Steps to Learn Modern Calligraphy

When I started my calligraphy journey, I wished there was a step by step list of the best way to learn. It just didn’t exist.

Until NOW.

Over the last five years, I’ve taught over 250,000 students how to learn calligraphy. I’ve continued to improve and tweak, and I’ve figured out a REALLY good system… If I may so so myself. πŸ™‚

You can learn calligraphy in six steps:

  1. Basic Strokes
  2. Lowercase Letters
  3. Uppercase Letters
  4. Connections (Words!)
  5. Bouncing and Stylizing
  6. Flourishing

That’s it. Six steps. I recommend learning these one at a time in this order. No skipping ahead to the “fun style” stuff. You need a solid foundation first. This will help prevent frustration and burnout.

For each of these steps, I have a full course. This includes a digital workbook, step-by-step video instruction, and bonus resources.

Each course comes with indefinite access too, so there’s no rush to complete them right away if you’re pressed for time right now.

Wanna see what’s in each of the workbooks? No problem! Check out this video below where I show you want’s inside each one! 

You can find all my workbooks at thehappyevercrafter.com/workbooks

And finally, your dad joke…

I’m writing a book about falling down stairs…
It’s a step by step guide.


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