6 Calligraphy & Lettering Accounts To Creep: Volume 1

Photo & work by @designbylaney- see more about her below!

Photo & work by @designbylaney- see more about her below!

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Every once in a while, I come across an Instagram account that makes me seriously envious. And since it’s becoming increasingly hard to wade through the sea of calligraphy & lettering accounts on Instagram, I’ve decided to start a series highlighting the ones that I’m not-so-lowkey fangirling over.

Here’s the first volume- 6 of my most favourite accounts to follow- along with some questions they so graciously answered for me!

(Note: I wanted to only do 5. But howwwww do you choose between so much amazing talent?!)


Han caught my eye with: her incredibly beautiful pointed pen calligraphy on uncommon surfaces
Han Is located in: Manhattan (Harlem), New York, USA
Han has been doing calligraphy/lettering: for about a year
Han learned by: “classic books- Eleanor Winters’ ‘Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy’, Molly Suber Thorpe’s ‘Modern Calligraphy’, and amazing Instagram teachers who share their detailed thoughts and learnings (@themd_writes, @anintran).”
Han’s biggest piece of advice: “Just do it, Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others who have been studying and doing it for years and years. Get comfortable with the available tools and media, and finding out what works for you. It’s all about finding your own style and voice.”


Alisse caught my eye with: her fascinatingly detailed brush pen skills!
Alisse Is located in: Brooklyn (Williamsburg), New York, USA
Alisse has been doing calligraphy/lettering: since May of this year (2016!)
Alisse learned by: “Following artists on Instagram and watching their videos. I practiced every free moment, and joined in on some challenges which forced me to make at least one ‘postable’ thing a day. I also did a lot of experimenting with color and blending and different ways to decorate my letters. I’m still practicing and learning!”
Alisse’s biggest piece of advice: “Slow down, and practice as often as you can!”


Laney caught my eye with: the perfection of literally any project she does!!
Laney Is located in: San Diego, California, USA
Laney has been doing calligraphy/lettering for: a little over 2 years
Laney learned by: “Taking an in-person class and then an online intermediate class. They were both so helpful!”
Laney’s biggest piece of advice: “Keep track of your progress! You may not see it but comparing work from one month to the previous month WILL show progress if you keep at it and practice!”


Caught my eye with: her unique and flawless style- it is really like nobody else’s!
Is located in: Vancouver, Canada
Has been doing calligraphy/lettering: since July 2015
Learned by: “Picking up a Speedball set at Michaels. Started practicing and never stopped! Finding the community on Instagram was also a main source of inspiration”.
Biggest piece of advice: “Be patient with yourself and try not to compare your work with others. The joy is in the journey!”


Shannon caught my eye with: her mind-blowingly detailed chalk art!
Shannon Is located in: Howard County, Maryland, USA
Shannon has been doing calligraphy/lettering: since 2014
Shannon learned by: “I’ve always loved to draw and make fun letters- so I guess I learned over time. The calligraphy was harder for me at first, and I didn’t really try calligraphy until 2014. It’s all been a work in progress!”
Shannon’s biggest piece of advice: “Practice practice practice. It literally blows my mind how much my lettering has changed since starting- and I cannot believe I used to think my first drawings were good! It’s really cool to see how you can evolve as an artist and I find myself critiquing old drawings now… I’m having so much fun with it!”


Taryn caught my eye with: her ridiculously cool backwards leftie lettering!!
Taryn Is located in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Taryn has been doing calligraphy/lettering: an ‘un-pinpointable’ amount of time! “I started my Instagram account about 2 years ago, but I’ve always been interested in doodling and creating”.
Taryn learned by: “I learned from trial and error and lots of practice. I pretty much practice every night when I get home from work until it gets too dark out. I look at old posts I have up and try to recreate them to gauge my progress!”
Taryn’s biggest piece of advice: “Not to copy a style or account that’s already out there, or to not compare yourself to anyone else. Spend the time to hone in yourself and your skills, and use other accounts simply as inspiration. Figure out how you like your letters and words to look, but let your hand be a natural guide. Spend your time practicing, and eventually you won’t be comparing yourself to others out there.”

Now tell me- who are your most ‘creeped’ Instagram accounts? Tell me below- I’m always looking for more!


  1. obviously, by commenting on this post from several months ago, i’m creepin’ on this blog lol… but, if you’re not already following @seblester, go… now… 🙂

  2. I like to see what TPK (The Postman’s Knock) is doing quite often! She makes me want to receive one of her envelopes in the mail because they are so pretty!!

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