50 Nuggets of Wisdom: Part 2

Part 1 of the 50 Nuggets of Wisdom got some insanely positive responses from all of you and I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and share it!

Your support is very much appreciated and it’s awesome that you’ve all enjoyed the Artist Interview series as much as I enjoyed filming them!!

And I don’t want to keep you all waiting, here is Part 2, nuggets 26-50.

NUGGET #26: Use styled shoots to meet other vendors who will recommend you!

From “How and Why to Participate in a Styled Shoot” (watch it here) with Cait O’Malley @bourbonandbloom

A huge benefit to styled shoots is getting to know other vendors. They will be super instrumental in word-of-mouth for clients!

And just in case you need more reasons why styled shoots are worth it, check out the blog post!

NUGGET #27: Failure is a key part of the process.

From “Starting a Business: Why You Should Go For It” (watch it here) with Lana Dingwall of @lanadingwall

Failing and making mistakes is totally part of the process! Failing is a key ingredient in building out your life, your success and your business.

Lana is a great motivator, so be sure to read the original blog post if you need a little push!

NUGGET #28: Try to implement some things so you can decrease communication time spent with clients who aren’t going to book.

From “Working with Wedding Clients: From Inquiry to Invoice” (watch it here) with Laney Schenk of @designbylaney

If clients aren’t booking with you, that’s totally OK! However, you do want to try and implement some things up front so that you spend less time communicating with clients who aren’t going to book. You could include prices on your website, for example, so that clients with a low budget aren’t even going to waste your time by emailing you for a quote.

BONUS: There is a free PDF on the original blog post!

NUGGET #29: Don’t embellish just for the sake of it.

From “How to Add Embellishments to Your Letters” (watch it here) with Mye De Leon of @myedeleon

Don’t embellish letters just for the sake of embellishing. When you embellish letters, it should always have a purpose that works towards the goal of the design.

For more, you can check out the original blog post here.

NUGGET #30: Use more focused keywords– not super general terms.

From “What is SEO and Why Do I Care?” (watch it here) with Sylvia Wong with @viacalligraphy

Find a keyword that is focused and not so general. If you choose a keyword that is more focused, you will have a better chance of ranking higher with that keyword than you will with one that is widely used.

SEO can be a little overwhelming, but Sylvia laid it out in a really easy-to-understand-way, which you can find in this blog post!

NUGGET #31: You can let watercolours dry and reuse them later!

From “Watercolour Painting Basics: A Free Lesson” (watch it here) with Stephanie Fehrenbach of @stephaniefehrenbach

 If you have extra watercolour paint on your palette you can let it dry and wet them later, so don’t wash them away! Tube paint is the exact same thing as the dried puck paints, it just hasn’t been dried (yet)!

I have learned so much about watercolour from Stephanie! You can too, just check out the original blog post.

NUGGET #32: You can always switch website platforms! Don’t worry about being stuck on one forever.

From “How To Choose the Right Platform For Your Website” (watch it here) with Mariah Liszewski of @mariahmagazine

Setting up your website and choosing your host platform can be intimidating, but it’s not permanent and you can always change later. If you start off on one platform but realize a few months later that you need the functionality of another, you can switch!

Mariah broke down the pros and cons of each of the major website platforms, so be sure to take a look at the original blog post for that!

NUGGET #33: Order 15% extra envelopes when addressing them by hand!

From “The Ins and Outs of Stationery Suites: What Inside?” (watch it here) with Krista Murphy of @wishtree_invites

Offering hand lettered envelope addressing? A good rule of thumb is to order (or ask for) 15% MORE envelopes than needed. That way you’ll have enough envelopes just in case there are mistakes.

For more behind the scenes, head over to the blog post.

NUGGET #34: Always have some extra of the base coat colour for murals!

From “A Beginner’s Guide to Mural Painting & Lettering” (watch it here) with Hayley Barry of @typeaffiliated

Always have extra base coat paint. If you make a mistake or spill while painting a mural, you’ll have two options: sand it off OR grab some of the base coat paint and cover it up!

Hayley has some other cool tips and trick (including insight on the best kind of paints to use for murals) in the original blog post.

NUGGET #35: If someone doesn’t book, it doesn’t mean your pricing isn’t right, it just means it isn’t right for THEM.

From “Panic-Free Pricing: How To Price Your Work” (watch it here) with Joanne Lauzon of @joegirltv

Don’t get worked up about people “ghosting” you after a quote. It doesn’t mean your pricing isn’t right, it just means it isn’t right for THEM. But also make sure you’re presenting the price properly and with detail.

Check out the original blog post for more answers to your pricing related questions!

NUGGET #36: Make some of your photos on social media PERSONAL. Not all about your products.

From “Behind-The-Scenes of a Successful Greeting Card Company” (watch it here) with Anita Bezanson of @rhubarbpaperco

To build a connection with your audience, you have to get personal! It’s fine to post a few product shots in a row, but every few posts make the photo or caption a bit more personal.

You can read more in the original blog post.

NUGGET #37: Take the natural tendencies in your lettering and turn them into purposeful parts of your style!

From “How to Find Your Personal Calligra-style” (watch it here) with Jodi Tellier of @somedayartco

Instead of thinking of things in your lettering as “wrong”, try and think about how you can turn them into part of your personal style!

Jodi has a whole lot more style-related information in the original blog post, so it’s worth a read if that is an area you are currently working on!

NUGGET #38: For colour charts, instead of drawing guides for the boxes, use washi tape!

From “How to Paint a Colour Chart with 3 Colours” (watch it here) with Emma Witte of @blackchalkco

If you don’t have time to rule an entire graph for your colour chart, you can use washi tape for your dividers. Bonus, you’ll get that super satisfying moment at the end when you pull it all off to reveal your clean lines!

BONUS: You can take Emma’s Colour Theory 101 course for FREE! Head over to the original blog post for the link!

NUGGET #39: Always reach out to people you want to collaborate with, but be honest about your intentions.

From “How to Get Raving Followers on Instagram: Authenticity, Collaborations & Public F-Bombs” (watch it here) with Mabz Brisson of @chalkedbymabz

It might be a little intimidating at first, but don’t shy away from reaching out to people you admire and want to work with. Just be genuine, helpful and truthful about your intentions.

Authenticity is usually spoken about in a positive light, but check out the original blog post to see how Mabz said authenticity can also have negative affects on your business.

NUGGET #40: Use magic erasers to remove “ghosting”/leftovers on your chalkboard!

From “How to DIY Your Own Chalkboard for Lettering” (watch it here) with Rachelle Tessier of @chalkboardchique

 Because it’s meant to remove scuff marks from paint, the Magic Eraser is a great tool to remove stubborn chalk marker stains (ghosting) from your chalkboards!

Check out Rachelle’s step-by-step guide to creating your very own chalkboard on the original blog post.

NUGGET #41: Use platforms OTHER than Instagram for inspiration- Pinterest is great!

From “6 Tips for Getting Out of a Creative Rut” (watch it here) with Chelsea Lundy of @chelsdrawsyou

Find new platforms (other than Instagram) to find inspiration. Pinterest is a great platform and allows you to create private boards, so you can pin images that are not for anyone else but you!

You can check out the other 5 tip on the original blog post!

NUGGET #42: Gouache is thicker & more opaque than watercolour– great for layering!

From “How To Paint Florals With Gouache” (watch it here) with Bonnie Kuhl of @archerandolive

Gouache is just a thicker, more opaque and pigmented version of watercolour. It is really good for layering!

Check out the original blog post for more tips and tricks!

NUGGET #43: Do your first few murals for non-profits or schools to get the experience!

From “Mural Painting: Tips, Tricks & Lessons Learned” (watch it here) with Roxy Prima & Phoebe Cornog of @pandrdesignco

If you’re interested in getting into murals but aren’t sure where to start, do your first few murals for non-profits or schools to get the experience!

The ladies shared some other really awesome mural tips (they are VERY experienced) so it’s work a read if you haven’t already. You can check it out here.

NUGGET #44: Take SMALL steps each day towards your bigger goals.

From “5 Tips for Hand Lettering As A Side Hustle” (watch it here) with Scotty Russell of @prspctv_cllctv

Take small steps each day towards your bigger goals. Make a plan for what you want to accomplish, with 1-3 things, and consider it a successful day if you knocked out even just ONE thing toward your big goal.

If you’re in need of a little energy boost, be sure to read the original blog post for more of Scotty’s helpful tips!

NUGGET #45: The easiest way to prep your nib is to just keep dunking it in and cleaning it off, until it sticks!

From “How To Get Started With Pointed Pen Calligraphy” (watch it here) with Shinah Chang of @crookedcalligraphy

There are so many ways to prep your nibs but the “lazy method” is to dip it in ink, and wipe it clean. Dip it in ink, wipe it clean…do that until the ink sticks!

BONUS: There is a FREE practice sheet linked on the original blog post. Check it out!

NUGGET #46: Add thicker lines around the edges of your petals for contrast.

From “How To Draw A Peony: Step-By-Step Modern Floral Illustration” (watch it here) with Meghan Davey of @heysailor_

Add thicker lines for contrast. One way to make your drawing look a lot more realistic is adding contrast– really white whites, and really black blacks.

Meghan draws some of the most beautiful florals EVER. Check out the original blog post for her step-by-step guide for drawing a peony.

NUGGET #47: Even lefties can use right-handed oblique holders– just rotate your page!

From “What is Copperplate Calligraphy?” (watch it here) with Younghae Chung of @logos_callihraphy

Being left-handed can mean that certain styles of calligraphy take a bit of experimentation. But even lefties can use right-handed oblique holders– just rotate your page!

For more information on cooperplate, check out the original blog post.

NUGGET #48: Use floral foam when you’re lettering on round surfaces!

From “How To Letter On *Insert Surface Here*” (watch it here) with Doris Wai of @lovelettering_doriswai

Floral foam is a GREAT tool when lettering on rounded objects. Just smoosh your object into the foam and you’ll create a perfect custom mold to keep it your item in place!

Doris is the queen of lettering on unusual (but common everyday) object. To find out other cool tips, check out the original blog post.

NUGGET #49: Use laser levels or washi tape to mark the center of your envelope!

From “How To Address Calligraphy Envelopes” (watch it here) with Laney Schenk of @designbylaney

One of the best tools you can invest in is a laser level, especially if you are interested in providing envelope addressing!

You can find more tip on addressing envelopes here.

NUGGET #50: Stop if you make a mistake. Don’t continue the line and reinforce bad habits.

From “The Calligraphy Pre-Basics” (watch it here) with Paul Antonio of @pascribe

When you are learning a new skill, it is important to learn it properly. That’s why the moment you recognize that you’ve made a mistake, do not follow through. Don’t continue the line and reinforce bad habits.

Paul is suuuper passionate about calligraphy and knows all of the things. Check out the original blog post for more!

There you have it! 50 of the BEST GOLD NUGGETS from the Artist Interview series.

Huge thank you to all of the artists who took the time out of their busy schedules to come on the show with me!

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